May. 06, 2020

Elke Bruyneel shares her Nomige experience

We are very pleased to introduce Elke Bruyneel.

We met at our Beauty Experience Days last summer in Knokke. When I asked her if she’d be willing to write a testimonial she agreed on the spot. She’s so spontaneous :)  #positivevibes #topclients

Meet Elke, singer/songwriter of Lucy and the Birds


  • Married and mom of one daughter (2.5 y.o.)

  • Lives in Ghent

  • Lead singer & songwriter for Lucy and The Birds

  • Singing teacher at the Muda Institute (Ghent)



Last summer I signed up for the ‘Beauty Experience Days’ in Knokke. One of the workshops there was given by Barbara Geusens of Nomige. She gave a very interesting presentation on her own personal story and how she developed the Nomige brand.

Even as a teenager I was concerned about my skin and finding the right cream for me... Whereas others were already looking into make-up I spent my allowance on a good day cream and skin care. Needless to say I was very curious about the Nomige workshop.

In these times of mass production Nomige is something very unique and personal


In these times of mass production and abundance Nomige is something very unique and personal. The label and the packaging project the same vibe (tubes, colour palette, marble holder). It’s a full package and a perfect reflection of Barbara’s own appeal.


I’m extremely satisfied with Nomige. The creams feel delightful on your skin, they are absorbed instantly and they have a wonderfully natural smell. I’m rather sensitive to smells so for me this is also a key aspect in the search for the right cream.


The reason I would recommend Nomige is simple: it really works! In a matter of weeks I could see and feel the difference. My skin feels soft to the touch and it positively glows. I need a lot less make-up to get through the day.

When I talked to Barbara after the workshop I told her my biggest ‘problem’ are small wrinkles. Having my little girl and the build-up of fatigue have made a huge difference in this regard.


My DNA profile revealed a disorder so that was definitely something Nomige could offset. The action of the night cream and serum are based on your DNA and I can see the difference when I get up in the morning. My skin has more glow and is more even toned. It’s great to not necessarily have to use a foundation and be able to simply go out as you are and feel good about yourself. Also as a singer, it’s important to me that I don’t need to apply a thick layer of make-up to feel good on stage.

I need a lot less make-up to get through the day


In the evening: cleansing with the Nomige products (fantastic products too btw :-)) and applying the night cream and serum. In the evening I try to find the time to massage them into the skin properly because in the mornings it’s a rush job.

In the morning: thanks to Barbara’s golden tip to only cleanse in the evening I need slightly less time in the morning. I only have to apply the day serum and day cream. Before I was always inclined to apply a powder foundation but now I can go outside with nothing but my mascara and a bit of blush. Great!!


Thank you Elke for your lovely testimonial <3

Follow Elke and her band:

Instagram: @elkebruyneel

Facebook: Lucy and the Birds

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