Nomige - Testimonial by Celine Roelens

Nomige - Testimonial by Celine Roelens

We would like you to meet, Celine Roelens.

In addition to her passion for jewellery Celine is also very interested in everythingt to do with beauty and skin care. Below you can read all about her experiences and how she fell in love with the Nomige range.


Meet Celine, a Nomige lover


  • 37 y.o.
  • Passionate goldsmith & jewellery designer 
  • Lives with her husband Bart and two children Remi and Claire in Maarkedal, in the heart of the Flemish Ardennes.


Barbara Geusens was the guest speaker at a meeting of service club ‘Ladies Circle Oudenaarde’, of which I am a member. Barbara’s presentation truly fascinated me. I immediately thought: “this is something for me”. Barbara gave an expert and medically-based presentation in layman’s terms on how the skin really works, what Nomige does and which factors have an impact on the formation of wrinkles. For years I’ve been struggling with dry skin but only in specific places, whereas my chin and forehead are always gleaming. This could be because my cream is too oily and I use too much. Nomige has a simple pump system with clear dosing. At first I really had to kick the habit of applying large portions of cream to my face.

Nowadays I only give my skin what it needs to do the best job it possibly can. At the end of Barbara’s presentation I didn’t hesitate a single second, I was far too curious and wanted answers for my problem areas. And thanks to Nomige I’ve finally found those answers.



I’m extremely satisfied. I’d only been using my personalized Nomige products for one month and I could feel and see the difference. If I hadn’t tried it myself I never would have believed this was possible. I took my own before and after pictures and the difference is undeniable: fewer wrinkles. In the past my skin sometimes itched like mad and I’d scratch until the skin was red and raw. My beautician didn’t know what to do about it either. So I kept running to the pharmacist’s to buy a cream for dry and sensitive skin but this cream didn’t meet my expectations either.


When I applied my day cream in the morning I had to wait a few minutes for my skin to absorb it so I could apply my foundation. Afterwards I had to use lots of powder on my chin and forehead because my skin was so shiny. In the course of the day the powder came off so every time I went to the bathroom I’d be checking the mirror to make sure my forehead or chin weren’t gleaming too much.


When I use my Nomige products I can feel my skin absorb the cream instantly. My skin doesn’t feel greasy, I don’t have to wait to apply my foundation and I don’t even need powder anymore. Before, I’d come out of the shower and the skin on my face would feel taut and dry. With Nomige that’s history. It’s really wonderful!


Nomige has a very international appeal, the logo and name are really original. In short, the picture is complete. Very stylish with a special packaging for a special product.
You’re personally involved in the entire process, there’s a certain bond. At first I had a few questions but Barbara was always quick to assist me in person and that feels really amazing. She cares so much about her product!

Nomige simply makes you look better, healthier & younger. A skin care label with a personal touch.


“I’m glowing and I’m happy”, Celine smiles. Because you can simply feel it, even after just one month. You can’t compare Nomige with other skin care products. I’m not even afraid to go out with only the Nomige day serum and day cream on, whereas in the past I never left the door without a foundation. When even your beautician sees the difference and is asking “how did you do this, what are you using?”, that says it all, doesn’t it? :)


Thank you Celine for sharing your Nomige experiences in such an inspiring testimonial.

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