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In case of excess skin there is often little effect with botox or fillers, a facelift is the only effective remedy to give the face back its youthful appearance. After the treatment, good skin care is also crucial! Dr. Van De Sijpe, founder and surgeon of D&E clinic, explains it to you.

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Nowadays, lasers are very popular for all kinds of treatments (hair removal, skin rejuvenation, removal of pigmentation...). We asked Dr. Heykants some questions about the use, mechanism of action and effects of different lasers. Dr. Bieke Heykants is founder of 'Da Vinci Clinic', and one of our partners. 

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Recently we started a partnership with Tempus Belgravia Clinic in London. Just before we all went in lockdown we met all the specialists of the team. The Belgian Dr. Veerle Rotsaert is one of them. She is very happy to share the best alternatives to botox in this blog, since she found her clients wondering (and worrying) about it. After a little introduction about Dr. Veerle Rotsaert we'll leave the floor the her.
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