Jul. 03, 2020

The beauty market is in revolution


Mass-brands are experiencing difficulties
The beauty market is undergoing a revolution. The 'mass brands' standing everywhere on the shelves feel that something is going on. The CEO of Beiersdorf, Stefan De Loecker, confirmed this today in an interview at 'De Tijd'. Nomige was also interviewed as a brand that is helping to set this revolution in motion. We are proud!


There is a shift from mass-market to customization and personalization. Consumers are no longer asking themselves the question: "which product is good for my skin"? But rather the question: "which product is specifically made for me"?

The consumer is more critical and no longer believes that the product used by the neighbour is also suitable for her/his skin. Logical, not only do we look different but we also have different needs and a different lifestyle.


Mass brands are obviously struggling to respond to this. Their highly profitable mass-market model is not that flexible. Where they used to be able to convince through the right marketing approach that one product for dry skin was good for all people with dry skin, consumers now question this.

Moreover, the way we shop to skincare has also changed. We don't have a lot of time to search the shelves and stores for the right product. Besides, we're tired of conflicting advice!

Nowadays, more and more customers choose for themselves by browsing the internet. And search for those brands that communicate transparently, offer a simple solution and remove as much choice stress as possible. So does Nomige :)



Nomige is one of the few brands within the beauty industry that offers a fully customized skin care package for the customer. No selection from a number of products. No, each product has been developed specifically for your skin profile and needs! Moreover, not only do we take your genetic profile or DNA into account, but we also look at your lifestyle. In this way we can take a much more targeted approach to your skin and tackle certain ailments or problems your skin has to deal with.


Day Serum

Anti-oxidant serum that is adapted to your skin based on your DNA.


Lifestyle cream

Lifestyle blend and an anti aging day cream designed for a shiny and impure skin. 


Night cream

Night collagen booster that is adapted to your skin based on your DNA.


Night serum

Hydration booster that is adapted to your skin based on your DNA.

Learn about DNA skincare & Nomige from Dr. Barbara Geusens

Watch an interactive and educational session where you can learn more about your skin, the role of your DNA, skincare and the Nomige concept.

The online Masterclass is the ideal opportunity to learn more about Nomige and DNA skincare. 

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Alles wat je moet weten over je huid