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DNA Skin analysis

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Nomige. Scientifically authentic skincare solutions for every DNA. By Dr. Barbara Geusens.

Your DNA is your best skincare advisor. It reveals information that is not visible from the surface. Listen to your genes and finally start to understand what your skin needs. It’s never too early or too late to know.

How it works

  • Receive your DNA saliva test at home
  • Follow the instructions, fill out the lifestyle test and send it back
  • Once we receive your DNA sample, we will initialize the genetic analysis in a certified laboratory
  • You receive weekly updates by email
  • 3-4 weeks later you will receive a personalized detailed DNA skin report

How your DNA affects your skin

By examining your DNA, we can gain more insights into your skin health & ageing process. In the lab we analyse several genes involved in collagen household, antioxidant protection, barrier function and skin hydration

  • Collagen
    • Collagen is responsible for the firmness of your skin. Collagen degradation will result in loss of structure and loss of plump skin. We investigate matrix metalloproteinases (MMP1, MMP-3) that degrade your collagen. If your MMP genes show single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) or ‘mutations’, they are "overactive" and break down collagen faster than what we expect. This results in risk for accelerated ageing, scar formation, redness, bad wound healing etc...
  • Antioxidants
    • Tissue damage by free radicals is one of the main causes of accelerated skin ageing. Free radicals are formed due to external stress factors, such as tobacco, pollution or exposure to UV radiation. We have a natural 'built-in' protection mechanism, called ‘antioxidants’, that can neutralise free radicals before they cause damage. When this defensive mechanism does not function properly, due to SNP’s (‘mutations’) traces of skin aging will be more visible. Nomige investigates how well your defense mechanism works by detecting mutations in the antioxidant genes such as superoxide dismutase (SOD-2) and glutathione peroxidase (GPX). You will understand your risks for (sun) damage, or even pigmentation spots.
  • Hydration & barrier
    • Your skin barrier has a dual function. It protects you from external damages and prevents dehydration. A disturbed skin barrier results in sensitive and often dry or dehydrated skin. We will investigate whether you have SNPs (mutations) in the genes that help keep the skin barrier intact and help control the moisture balance; named Fillagrin (FLG) and Aquaporin-3 (AQ3). You will understand if and why your skin is dry and/or dehydration and whether your sensitive skin has a genetic cause.

Your DNA skin report reveals

  • Receive insights into your ‘true’ skin type
  • A guide to keep your skin ageing-resistant
  • A clear explanation of the ingredients your skin need
  • You receive weekly updates by email
  • Lifestyle advice: the do’s and don’ts and basic nutritional recommendations.


Our methods and technologies follow the strictest norms in the area of security and the procedures that apply in the sector:

  • We work with an accredited genetic lab
  • We stick to guidelines drawn up concerning privacy and data protection and commit to guaranteeing confidentiality
  • GMP production of DNA-based formulas
  • We don’t use harmful ingredients, nor are our products tested on animals

Sarah Vermeiren

Excellent products and customer service! I have been having problems with my skin (acne) for years and now with the Nomige products I really have finally improved. Very personal approach of Barbara and her team. Highly recommended!

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