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Why and how to use a Gua Sha:

The Gua Sha stone can be used for the face and neck. Due to the specific shape of this stone, it is ideal for “contouring” and "shaping" of your face. Remember to always work in upward movements.

This tool is a little bit more "powerful" than a Facial Roller, because a Gua Sha reduces the tension in your muscles. Use the Gua Sha as a boost to the skin in the morning or as a relaxation tool in the evening.

Watch the video below and discover how Dr. Barbara Geusens uses her Gua Sha stone.

The benefits of facial massages:

A facial massage not only has a relaxing effect, it is also good for your skin. In addition, there are some useful tools for performing a facial massage, such as a Gua Sha stone and a Facial Roller.

All benefits at a glance:

  • It accelerates the blood flow allowing toxins to be removed from the body faster and active ingredients penetrate the skin better.
  • It stimulates the production of collagen which keeps the skin elastic and reduces wrinkles.
  • It reduces swelling (such as puffiness under the eyes).
  • It makes a tired skin shine again. Say hello to a natural glow!
  • Enjoy a relaxing and effective massage every day. The ultimate selfcare.

Sarah Vermeiren

Excellent products and customer service! I have been having problems with my skin (acne) for years and now with the Nomige products I really have finally improved. Very personal approach of Barbara and her team. Highly recommended!

2-in-1 cleanser
2-in-1 cleanser

A milky cleansing lotion and make-up remover that can be used with and without water.

Exfoliating tonic
Exfoliating tonic

A refreshing solution of exfoliating ingredients that removes dead skin cells.

Facial Roller
Facial Roller

Massage your face to remove toxins and make active ingredients penetrate deeper into your skin and wake up your muscles.

Gua Sha
Gua Sha

Due to the specific shape of this stone, it is ideal for “contouring” and "shaping" of your face.

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Which genetic factors are examined and how do they affect the skin?

The factors I have chosen on a genetic level can be divided into 4 important biological processes; properties that characterise healthy skin;

✓ hydration
✓ antioxidant capacity
✓ elasticity & wrinkles
✓ intact skin barrier

Within each biological process, we examine the genes that contribute to these elements and are responsible for it (e.g. the genes that are important in the hydration process). We then investigate whether or not these genes have defects. If that is the case, you carry a higher risk. It is up to the Nomige products to adjust these defects via specific ingredients.

What makes Nomige different?

✓ We make tailormade products; personalised based on your DNA and lifestyle
✓ Ingredients with high 'in vivo' concentrations
✓  You receive 4 products for a complete treatment
✓ A solution for all your skin problems

Why is Nomige more expensive than others?

The Nomige package is tailor-made. You receive 4 personalised products based on your DNA and lifestyle. These products will last you 3 to 4 months.
The cost of the DNA analysis is included in the price. You only have to do this analysis once.

How long do I have to wait for my results?

On average you will receive your DNA results 2-3 weeks after we have received your DNA sample. We will send the DNA report via e-mail. From then on you can always consult your results in your personal account on the website.
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