Facial Roller
Facial Roller

Facial Roller

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How and why to use a Facial Roller:

Massage your face with a facial roller after your Nomige morning or evening routine. It removes toxins and makes active ingredients penetrate deeper into your skin and wakes up your muscles.

This "double-sided" Facial Roller can also be used under your eyes using the small stone. Do you suffer from a build-up of moisture under your eyes. Then this tool is something for you!

Important: Always massage your skin in upward movements for a lifting effect. For example from your nose towards the cheekbones or start from your chin and follow your jaw line.

Watch the video below and discover how Dr. Barbara Geusens uses her Facial Roller.

The benefits of facial massages

A facial massage not only has a relaxing effect, it is also good for your skin. In addition, there are some useful tools for performing a facial massage, such as a Gua Sha stone and a Jade Roller.

All benefits at a glance:

  • It accelerates the blood flow allowing toxins to be removed from the body faster and active ingredients penetrate the skin better.
  • It stimulates the production of collagen which keeps the skin elastic and reduces wrinkles.
  • It reduces swelling (such as puffiness under the eyes).
  • It makes a tired skin shine again. Say hello to a natural glow!
  • Enjoy a relaxing and effective massage every day. The ultimate selfcare.

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