Apr. 14, 2021

Belgian players Nomige, Fagron and 4Gold unite for DNA Day

On April 25, 2021, it is DNA Day worldwide. To highlight that day in an appropriate way, Nomige, Fagron and 4Gold, each a well-known Belgian player in the field of innovative DNA testing and personalized product developments, have united. One DNA breakthrough follows another in rapid succession, which raises critical questions. As important players in this field, Nomige, Fagron and 4Gold want to present themselves as experts with the aim of answering these questions. They strive to give people more insight into their DNA, in the field of skin and hair care, general health, nutrition and sports. Together they write guidelines on what to look out for when taking a DNA test.

DNA is the core of existence and the genetic results do not change over the course of a person's life. A DNA test is therefore a 'once in a lifetime' test. The DNA contains all the information about what someone looks like and how a body functions. In addition, it indicates which health risks you run. Based on the results of a DNA test, you can “steer your DNA” by adjusting your environment and lifestyle. The more information you learn about yourself, the more focused the choices towards a preventive and healthier lifestyle.

However, there are also critical questions about DNA testing. As important Belgian players in this domain, Nomige, Fagron and 4Gold want to present themselves as experts with the aim of bringing clarity. Each player draws on his expertise and the many years of scientific research that preceded it.

Nomige, Fagron and 4Gold provide answers to your questions

We list a few important things for you that you can pay attention to when purchasing a DNA test:


Sources show that not all providers of DNA tests are equally careful with the privacy data of their customers*. For some companies, the revenue model is even in collecting data. However, sharing DNA data is never allowed without the explicit consent of the patient. Here's what you should pay attention to when reading the privacy policy or terms and conditions:

  • The privacy policy must always be submitted or can be consulted on the website. It must be clear and transparent. understandable to laymen. If you don't understand it, don't sign it.
  • Make sure you understand exactly what is being investigated and why.
  • Find out if your DNA will be destroyed after analysis or kept by the company. Ideally, the steel is destroyed after they have served their purpose.
  • If not clear, ask how your data is handled and what happens afterwards.

Nomige, Fagron and 4Gold work with the utmost care and transparency.

2. Interpretation of data by professionals

A good framework and professional advice is essential for the interpretation of the results. Make sure that you can go to the company with all your questions or that they work with professionals who can support you further.

3. One test is not the other

Depending on what you want to achieve, you will often find different DNA tests with – at first sight – similar goals and results. It is important to understand how many and which SNPs are examined and why. Each part of the DNA that is examined in the test (= SNP, Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) must be substantiated by scientific studies.

Therefore, please consult the sources of the scientific studies used to reach this conclusion. How detailed was the information from the study applied? As a layman, this is very difficult to find out, but you can always ask the company itself or the professionals who offer the test with these questions. Finally, DNA tests require a combination with a lifestyle study to gain a complete insight into the functioning of the body.

In practice, the relevance of DNA tests has been confirmed by, among others, health care futurist Prof. Dr. Koen Kas, sports physicians Dr. Kristof Sas and Dr. Dag Van Elslande, dieticians Tanja Callewaert and Hella Van Laer, nutrition and lifestyle coaches Isabelle Delft and Els Cornelis of Revive Coaching and trichologists Dr. Veronique Meuleman, Dr. Barry Dekeyser and Dr. Nancy Anthone.

*Source: https://nieuws.kuleuven.be/nl/campuskrant/1617/07/online-dna-tests-verre-van-onfout

About Nomige, Fagron and 4Gold

Nomige, Fagron and 4Gold are pioneers in genetic testing. Each of them focuses on specific genes in the DNA within their field, in combination with the most important lifestyle factors in this area. Their goal is to give consumers more insight into their DNA. In this way, people are in charge of their DNA information and – provided they receive the right guidance and additional advice – they can then put it to practical use themselves.

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