Jul. 03, 2020

Bossy Magazine

Sometimes hectic days turn flawlessly into restless nights. Isn't it the stress that keeps you awake, then an important decision that is imminent. We asked three female entrepreneurs about their worst nightmares and best remedies.


“Is every customer satisfied?”

With Nomige, Barbara leads Belgium's first brand to offer facial care products that are completely tailored to your DNA and lifestyle.

Admittedly, I'm not much of a worrier. But as an entrepreneur, there is a lot that comes my way, so that the thinking process never stops. From marketing and innovation over strategy to accounting and production: there is always something flashing through my head. That is – especially in the beginning – very overwhelming. In the evening I sometimes dare to ask myself whether I have not overlooked anything during the day. And in addition to the day-to-day operational side, I also have to think about the long-term vision. That is often too much. To save me the headache and divide the tasks, I would like to hire someone soon.

Sometimes I worry about customer satisfaction. I am very committed to that: I want to do good for everyone. Note to self: it won't work. As a starter I have to accept that everything is not (yet) going the way I would like. Childhood mistakes are part of starting a business. Recently I couldn't sleep and started questioning my growth rate. I'd like to grow with Nomige, but I need to find the right way to scale. This also involves a lot of logistical and operational challenges. I believe time brings counsel, always.

Text: Dorien Camps

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