Jul. 03, 2020

Glamor Netherlands

Skincare based on your DNA and a foundation that exactly matches your skin tone. Future music? Nope. Beauty and tech geek Nina keeps up with all the new developments in the beauty scene.

DNA known, Tech tool: Nomige - Skin care line

What it does: From phone cases with the initials of your deceased labrador to embroidered denim jackets with the name of your loved one... We can no longer ignore personalized items. The Belgian beauty brand Nomige shows that it can be even more personal. The brand offers skincare based on your own DNA. Under the motto 'stop looking, listen to your genes' you will receive a DNA test at home when you take a cheek swab on yourself. You then send this back to the lab, where they can see, based on your genetic material, what your skin type is, what about the hydration and barrier function of your skin and how your skin ages. They also look at your lifestyle, such as sleeping patterns, stress levels, whether you smoke, et cetera.

Based on all this data, you will be sent four personalized products, a day and night cream and two serums that, if all goes well, really do something for your skin. Reordering is easy, because you now know which products you need.

Text: Nina Eva Davies

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