May. 06, 2020

Elke Bruyneel shares her Nomige experience

We would like to introduce you to Elke Bruyneel.

We got to know her at our Beauty Experience Days last summer in Knokke. When I contacted her to ask for a testimonial, she said yes without hesitation. The spontaneous kindness itself :) #positivevibes #topclients

Meet Elke, singer-songwriter of Lucy and The Birds


  • Married and mother of 1 daughter of 2.5 years old
  • Lives in Ghent
  • Lead singer & songwriter of Lucy and The Birds
  • Singing teacher at the Muda (Ghent)


This summer I registered for the “Beauty Experience Days” in Knokke. One of the workshops was given by Barbara Geusens van Nomige. A very fascinating explanation about her story and how she developed her brand Nomige.

As a teenage girl I was already busy with my skin and what the right cream was for me... Where others were already busy with make-up, I spent my pocket money on a good day cream and care . So I was really curious about Nomige's workshop.

In times of mass production, Nomige is something very unique and personal


In times of mass production and multiplicity, this is something very unique and personal . And that also radiates the label and the packaging (tubes, color palette, marble holder). It is one whole and an enormous match with what Barbara herself radiates.


I am incredibly satisfied with Nomige. The creams feel wonderful on the skin, are immediately absorbed and also smell wonderful, natural . I am quite sensitive to fragrances so this is also a very important aspect for me in the search for the right cream.


I would simply recommend Nomige because it really works !! After a few weeks of using Nomige, I clearly saw and felt a difference. My skin feels soft and radiant . I need much less daily make-up .

When I approached Barbara after the workshop, I indicated that my biggest “problem” is wrinkles . Since the birth of my little girl and the increase in fatigue, I notice a big difference here.


This also turned out to be a disorder from my DNA profile , so definitely something Nomige could work on. The night cream and serum act according to your DNA and I notice that difference in the morning when I get up. My skin is brighter and more even . It's nice not to automatically have to reach for a fond-de-teint, but also to just come out and feel good. Also from my job as a singer, I think it's important to know that I don't have to have a thick layer of make-up on to feel good on stage.

I need much less of my daily make-up


In the evening : cleaning with the products of Nomige (also wonderful products by the way :)) and applying the night cream and serum. I try to take the time in the evening to massage them in well, where this sometimes goes more quickly in the morning due to lack of time.

In the morning : thanks to Barbara's golden tip that only cleaning in the evening is sufficient, I'm ready a little faster in the morning. Only apply day serum and day cream. Where I used to always be inclined to put on powder anyway, I can now come out with my mascara on and a little blush. Top!!


Thank you Elke for your nice testimonial <3

Follow Elke and her group:

Instagram : @elkebruyneel

Facebook: Lucy and The Birds

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