May. 02, 2020

Testimonial by Celine Roelens

We would like to introduce you to Celine Roelens.

In addition to her passion for jewelry , Celine also has a huge interest in everything that has to do with "beauty" and "skincare". She has fallen in love with Nomige's products, read her experiences below.


Meet Celine, a Nomige lover


  • 37 years
  • Passionate Goldsmith & Jewelery Designer
  • Lives with her husband Bart and two children, Remi and Claire, in the beautiful Maarkedal, in the middle of the Flemish Ardennes.


Barbara Geusens was the guest speaker at a meeting of our service club the "Ladies Circle Oudenaarde", of which I am a member. I was very fascinated by what Barbara had to say. I immediately thought: "this is for me!". Barbara explained expertly & medically substantiated (in human language) how the skin actually works, what exactly Nomige does and on which factors wrinkles depend . For years I have struggled with skin that is too dry, but only in specific areas, while my chin and forehead always shine. This is possibly due to the use of a too greasy cream and excessive lubrication.

At Nomige it is a simple pump system with a clear dosage. In the beginning I really had to get rid of the large portions of cream that I used to put on my face. Currently I only give my skin what it needs, hereby I stimulate my skin to give the best of itself. At the end of Barbara's lecture I had no doubts, I was way too curious and looking for answers for my problem areas. I finally found these answers thanks to Nomige.




I am very satisfied, even after 1 month of using my personalized Nomige products I felt and saw the difference. I never would have believed this if I hadn't tried it myself. I took my own before & after photos for myself, you can clearly see the difference: less wrinkles. My skin used to be very itchy, I was often scratching it with redness & rough skin as a result. My beautician also had a hard time dealing with it. As a result, I always bought a cream for dry and sensitive skin at the pharmacist, but this cream also failed to meet my expectations.


When I applied my day cream in the morning, I had to wait a while for the cream to penetrate my skin before applying my foundation. Once the foundation was on, I had to seriously powder off the forehead and chin because I was so shiny. During the day the powder comes off with the result that I looked in the mirror every time I went to the toilet to make sure my head and chin weren't shiny too much.


When I use Nomige's products, I feel that my skin immediately absorbs the cream, my skin does not feel greasy, I can immediately apply my foundation and I no longer need powder. Furthermore, I used to get out of the shower and my face felt tight and dry, because I use Nomige, I no longer have this feeling. Really delicious!


The appearance is very international, the logo and name are very well found. In short, the picture is completely correct. Very stylish with a special packaging for a special product.
You are personally involved in the whole process, there is a certain connection. In the beginning I had a few questions and Barbara always helped me very quickly and personally, which gives me a very good feeling. She is very committed to her product!

You just look better, healthier & younger. A skincare label with a personal touch.


"I'm shining and I'm happy." she laughs. Because you just feel it even after 1 month. You cannot compare Nomige with other skincare products. I even dare to go outside with only my Nomige day serum and day cream on my face, I used to always have to have foundation on the complexion. If my beautician sees the difference and asks "why is this, what do you use now?", then you know enough I think. :)


Thank you Celine for sharing your experience in such a nice testimonial about Nomige.

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