May. 06, 2020

Testimonial by Astrid Ghesquière

We'd like to introduce you to Astrid Ghesquière.

Astrid and her mum run a wonderful clothes boutique called Christo so it's fair to say that fashion and beauty play a key role in her life. Nomige is co-responsible for Astrid's well-being :-).

Meet Astrid, a true fashionista


  • 32 years old
  • Astrid and her mum run a women's clothing boutique called Christo in Beernem.
    Their motto: Fashion changes but style remains .
  • Lives in Moerbeke with her husband Benjamin and their daughter Jeanne.


Barbara is a friend of a friend and that's how I knew she had marketed a new skin care product based on the user's DNA. Shortly after Sophie invited me to a 'Nomige evening', where Barbara explained the story behind the health care products in detail.

Nomige appealed to me from the beginning but after this Nomige session I was fully on board . The fact that the products are truly custom-tailored to your needs is the main reason why I felt I just had to buy Nomige .

Nomige = made to measure & wellbeing.


I've been using Nomige for almost a year now (since February 2018) and I couldn't be happier with the results. In the beginning you really have to get used to the fact that you don't need a lot of product to give your skin the care it deserves . After just a few weeks the difference is clear to see. After my daily Nomige routine I can feel that I don't need any additional products such as foundation or blush to look ' good and healthy '.


Of course I like the natural look but before Nomige I couldn't always get away with it (unless I came back from holiday). Nowadays I can and I do it more often since the Nomige products deliver this effect in no time. Also, my skin is super soft now and my pigment spots are considerably lighter in colour.


Thanks to Nomige I now have a clear skin care ritual that I carry out consistently on a daily basis. This was never the case before. I did use day cream but no serum and I only sporadically applied night cream.

Nomige is the skin care line that every woman should include in her daily care routine . I'd say it's indispensable :-) The simple and custom-tailored step-by-step plan creates an essential routine in a woman's daily care .

Affordable custom-tailored products are hard to find but Nomige has accomplished this feat .


You might say the Nomige products are the lingerie of the skin.



I attach great interest to appeal and the right presentation . If you want to look good then your day not only starts with choosing the right outfit but also with administering the right care .

In my job, choosing the right outfit always starts with choosing the right underwear. Only then can the right outfit do the right person justice. You might say that the Nomige products are the lingerie of the skin .

Thank you Astrid for sharing that glowing testimonial about Nomige.

Follow Astrid Ghesquière and her women's clothing boutique at

Instagram : @christo_beernem


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Connect with us and follow the hashtag #MyNomige to stay up to date of the latest skin tips and news.

Follow the hashtag #MyNomige and stay informed about the latest skin tips and news.
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