May. 02, 2020

Testimonial by Caroline Thiel

We would like to introduce you to Caroline Thiel. Caroline is a lawyer and advocates for Nomige as a true ambassador.

Meet Caroline, another Nomige Lover


  • 35 years
  • Advocate & Founding Fellow @ Fellows Advocates
  • Happily married to Xavier, mother of 2 daughters (Olivia & Charlotte) in Knokke-Heist

What about you & Nomige?


I had already spotted Nomige on Instagram . So when Barbara's sister-in-law invited me for a Nomige session at her home, I didn't hesitate for a second. After Barbara's very entertaining and instructive explanation, I soon had a cotton swab in my mouth. And admittedly: I've been a fan ever since !

Nomige = innovative, very personal, price/quality really top.


The routine is simple and takes little time . The products penetrate quickly and smell fantastic. And if that wasn't enough, my skin glows like never before, pinky swear !
Before using Nomige, I had no real skincare routine. I just did what I did and very often I let myself be tempted by every new product on the market, without really knowing what my skin needed or didn't need.


My skin often felt dry or tight, then again my skin was oily and I suffered from pimples. I also never went out without make-up, not even to the mailbox.

Now I finally have soft, well-moisturized skin . My skin glows and I hardly use make-up anymore . The simple routine with Barbara's clear analysis and instructions will make you an instant expert of your own skin.


Nomige represents a true revolution in skincare .

It is the first skin care on the Belgian market that does not start from the product itself, but from the personal needs of your skin .

The products are specifically formulated for you based on your skin analysis and are adapted to your lifestyle. In this way you succeed in supporting your skin in a very targeted way and you can see it!


My morning routine is very simple: just clean my face with lukewarm water (also learned from Barbara), apply day serum, apply day cream, a little make-up and go, I can go out the door.



In the evening I use the Nomige cleaning products .

I remove make-up and cleanse my face with the 2-in-1 cleanser and then I apply the exfoliating tonic, because cleaning - as I now know - always takes place in 2 phases. I let the tonic soak in for a while and then apply my night cream, to finish with the night serum. Only two minutes and I can go to sleep with peace of mind!

Groundbreaking, scientifically substantiated, easy to use, beautiful styling and above all Belgian!

Thank you Caroline Thiel , for this beautiful testimony. Very happy with it :)

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Follow our story

Connect with us and follow the hashtag #MyNomige to stay up to date with the latest skin tips and news.

Follow the hashtag #Nomige and stay informed about the latest skin tips and news.
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