Pop Up

House of DNA : channel your inner and outer beauty with Insentials and Nomige

Nomige and Insentials are combining their DNA expertise around inner & outer beauty by starting an exclusive Pop-Up practice this summer in Knokke!

By joining our strong scientific background and expertise in DNA testing, we create a holistic image in the field of personalized skincare & nutritional and vitamin advice.

  • Innovative and customized approach
  • Exclusive consultations with dr. Barbara Geusens and Mcs Nutritionist Amandine De Paepe
  • Personalized Nomige skincare products and beauty supplements from Insentials based on your DNA and Lifestyle

Two exclusive treatments


- Consultation with dr. Barbara Geusens

- Nomige DNA analysis-Nomige DNA skin report

- Full set of 4 customized Nomige products

- Exclusive addition to the package: customized beauty supplements from Insentials

-Price: 495.00


- Consultation with Msc Nutritionist Amandine De Paepe - NutriDNA test

- Customized nutrition advice & supplements from Nutrimedicine-Insentials

- Exclusive addition to the package : detox package from Nomige for 2 weeks

-Price: 495.00

Both dr. Barbara Geusens and Msc Nutritionist Amandine De Paepe will be present:

  • Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning in July and August.
  • Consultations can be booked between 9 am and 11 am for 25 euros per consultation.
  • Personal advice, DNA analyses, and tailor-made routes (with or without products) depend on the individual needs of the customer. The price tag varies from 25€ to 500€
  • Location: Kustlaan 154, 8300 Knokke-Heist