Scientifically based research.

By dr. Barbara Geusens

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Clinical study

Research is central to Nomige's mission to deliver visible results. Dr. Barbara Geusens, founder of Nomige, invested in a clinical study to prove that personalized skin care works better. Nomige has engaged an independent laboratory to investigate the effectiveness of the Nomige products. In our study, adult women with a high genetic risk profile for aging underwent a specific treatment to evaluate the anti-aging effect of Nomige works only with the best quality actives and at in vivo concentrations to ensure optimal results. Each product contains specific ingredients that purposefully compensate for your genetic defects. Our clinical tests guarantee visible results within 8 weeks.

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Main results reported by participants to their friends. Clinical study, 24 female volunteers, after 4 weeks. Observation results based on a questionnaire

Download clinical study
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