Nomige takes personalised skincare to another level.

Our CEO Dr. Barbara Geusens, struggled with finding the right products for her skin, and it inspired her to build the Nomige empire. A clinically proven brand focused on personalised skincare, that formulates your products based on your DNA and Lifestyle.

Stop your endless search for the right skincare products, and discover more about your true and unique self with Nomige.

Your DNA is unique, and so is your skin.

60% of your skin health is determined by your genes.

Your DNA contains unique and valuable information.  By analysing it we get more insights on your skin ageing process.

We analyse several genes involved in:

  • Your Collagen Homeostasis
  • Antioxidant Protection
  • Your Barrier Function
  • Your Skin Hydration

We determine which genes contain mutations and which risks you are carrying, to then develop your unique and personalised skincare routine containing ingredients that counteract these risks.


We transform your complex DNA into an easy, 4 steps skincare routine, that suits you like a glove.

Nomige sees what's invisible to the eye. Even if you don't have any skin concerns, your DNA can reveal important mutations, that Nomige will help you treat.

57% of our clients revealed that their DNA skin analysis revealed mutations they didn't think they had.

It is your turn to learn more about your skin.

Barrier Function
By counteracting risks involved in your skin's barrier function, we tackle other skin concerns such as: Dullness of the skin, etc...
Collagen Homeostasis
By counteracting risks linked to your collagen homeostasis, we not only prevent skin ageing, but also tackle such skin concerns as ....

Nomige is all about high quality ingredients and clinically proven results.

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