Nomige and sustainability

At Nomige, we try to do our part, together with our customers, in the quest for a more sustainable world.

Starting in the lab and ending at your house.

Together we have the power to create a brighter world, for us and the generations to follow.

Every. drop. counts.

By using airless packaging you won't waste a drop of your favorite products. The packaging ensures that all the product can be used. 

It's not only good against waste, but also ensures the stability of the products.

It prevents the formulation to be in contact with air and light. This way, the scent, color and texture remain as pleasant as at the beginning of use.



Want to learn more? Watch Dr. Barbara Geusens explain it here.

Recycle, reuse, reorder

We deliver your products in cardboard boxes.

These are used multiple times when shipping the DNA swaps to you and to our lab.

The boxes are easy to recycle: simply place the cardboard box with the carton recyclables to do your part as well.

Nomige and Claims

What about claims?

A lot of brands claim that they are a lot of things, but what does it all really mean? 

Nomige is...




Clean: paraben free

BUT... this doesn't mean a lot.

There is little regulation around all of these claims, most of them are not regulated at all.

Dr. Barbara Geusens is sceptical about these concepts because she's a scientist, and most of these concepts don't have any scientific proof.

If your product contains 1 natural ingredient, you can already call it natural. This shows how quickly you can be fooled into thinking you're buying something "good".

If you want to learn more on this topic, click here to see a video in which Barbara explains in depth the sense and nonsense about these concepts.