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Nomige's DNA skincare

How does it work?

Facial care products that are fully tailored to a person's DNA and lifestyle. Nomige only selects the ingredients that you need and creates products that fit a person's skin perfectly. Each product focusses on another DNA level that influences your skin condition. The result is brighter, younger skin with a more even complexion.

The complete Nomige package consists of 4 personalised products tailored to your DNA and lifestyle. Including an extensive DNA skin analysis.

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Interested in: beauty, skincare, lifestyle and fashion.
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Authenticity is way more important for us than the number of your followers.

Our campaigns have a promotion code or an affiliate link for your followers and our team will help you to ensure success by providing the information you need.

What's in it for you?

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Join our program and try our 2-week test package
to get your followers familiar with our products. The test package consists of:

  • DNA analysis and a personalised skin report

  • Skincare for 2 weeks:
    • 1 day cream
    • 1 day serum
    • 1 night cream
    • 1 night serum

  • Personal follow up by Dr. Barbara Geusens

The DNA skin analysis & report

Using a DIY DNA kit, you can collect your own DNA. Your DNA is analysed in a certified GDPR compliant lab and the results are sent to you in a personalised report where you can find out what makes your skin unique:

  • Receive insights into your ‘true’ skin type
  • A guide to keep your skin ageing-resistant
  • A clear explanation of the ingredients your skin need
  • Lifestyle advice: the do’s and don’ts and basic nutritional recommendations.

Personalised products for 2 weeks

Get familiar with the Nomige personalised products & textures.

Our test package consists of 4 personalised products tailored to your skin's needs & DNA. Products that fit your skin and give it an immediate healthy glow. Short term effects: healthy glow, skin is back in balance, well hydrated, less impurities.

Longer use of products will results in firmer skin, less wrinkles, better complexion, firmer skin & skin barrier. Better & younger looking skin.

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Nomige is clinically proven

Nomige is clinically proven.In a 56-days study, our products have shown remarkable results.  Nomige used a neutral third-party laboratory to investigate the efficacy of our products. In our study, female adults with a high risk profile for ageing underwent a specific treatment for skin ageing evaluation.

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