Barrier Repair - Lifestyle Cream Result

Barrier Repair matches your lifestyle

Barrier Repair Lifestyle Blend is an anti-ageing moisturiser for sensitive, reactive skin that also quickly turns red.

It has a barrier-repairing effect which makes the outer layer of the skin less sensitive.

  • Protects against free radicals and UV rays (SPF15)
  • It hydrates and nourishes the skin
  • Contains no perfume

Barrier Repair Nomige Day Cream

What are the active substances?

  • Phospholipids: these lipids have a skin repairing and skin improving effect. In combination with ceramides, they form the building blocks of the skin.

  • Ceramides: lipids that are identical to your skin and that contribute to the reinforcement from the skin barrier. This makes sure that the skin can retain moisture which ensures it is more flexible and less prone to reactions.

  • Squalane: an active substance made from olives that takes care of the reactive skin.

  • Antioxidants: The Barrier Repair cream contains vitamin E which protects against harmful free radicals. These are aggressive substances that impair your normal skin condition.

  • UVA and UVB filters: they provide optimal sun protection. (low protection, SPF15)

What about your DNA?

Your skin condition is 60% determined by your DNA and 40% is determined by your lifestyle

Your DNA makes you who you are. It tells you not only what care your skin needs, but also how your skin is prone to ageing. Your DNA does not lie and remains unchanged. By means of a do it yourself DNA kit we examine your DNA in a certified laboratory and we determine your genetic skin profile.

Each Nomige product focuses on specific needs that result from your DNA profile and together with the Lifestyle cream they offer a complete approach for your skin.

DNA Skin Analysis

  • DNA kit
  • Skin analysis
  • 15 Page skin report

Test package

2-week starter pack
  • DNA kit
  • Skin analysis
  • 15 page skin report
  • Day cream & serum
  • Night cream & serum

Nomige Package

4 months
  • DNA kit
  • Skin analysis
  • 15 page skin report
  • Day cream & serum
  • Night cream & serum
  • Solid packaging
  • Marble tray
  • Personal guidance