Make someone happy. Nomige as a gift.

Personal gifts are often the best.

Nomige offers skincare tailored to your DNA and lifestyle, which makes your gift very personal. 4 personalised products with a radiant skin as a result.

The options for skincare are endless. The search for the right skincare product is difficult. We understand this. That is why we create tailor-made products. You are unique, as is your skin.  Nomige skincare, the perfect and most personalised gift.

How we create your skincare

Nomige explained in 2 minutes:

  • Do the DNA test
  • Get your DNA results
  • Receive your personalised skincare based on your unique DNA & lifestyle

Our skincare offer


The personalised Nomige Package


Nomige Package + 2 Cleansers


DNA analysis & skin report


Nomige's exfoliating tonic


Nomige's 2-in-1 cleanser