Rest assured, with Nomige you just found the perfect gift.

No perfume this year, you will score with something
much better and more personal. It is the most unique gift because Nomige is DNA personalised skincare by Dr. Barbara Geusens, with scientifically proven results

We guarantee she will love your gift.
If not we'll refund your purchase if the DNA-kit remains unopened.

Quick delivery
Delivered within 3 to 4 business days.

You care about her, we care about her skin.

Gift a 2-Week Personalised Treatment

 DNA analysis & report and 4 tailor made products

First things first
What you get at home

Do it yourself DNA-kit

DNA analysis results
Gain insight in your true skin type

Skin analysis + 15 page skin report based on her DNA

Personalised treatment
For two weeks

  • Tailor made day cream & serum (5 ml) for 2 weeks
  • Tailor made Night cream & serum (5 ml) for 2 weeks
  • Individual reorders of 50 ml and 30 ml products are possible

Other gift options

Nomige cleansing products consist of a 2-in-1 cleanser and an exfoliating tonic that kindly removes dead skin cells. Let them treat their skin even more with our Facial roller and Gua Sha stone.


Cleanser pack


Facial massage pack


Full pamper package


2-in-1 cleanser

A milky cleansing lotion and make-up remover that can be used with and without water.


Exfoliating tonic

A refreshing solution of exfoliating ingredients that removes dead skin cells.


Facial Roller

Massage your face to remove toxins and make active ingredients penetrate deeper into your skin and wake up your muscles.


Gua Sha

Due to the specific shape of this stone, it is ideal for “contouring” and "shaping" of your face.