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Read reviews of our customers with acne prone skin.

"Very personal approach by Barbara and her team"

Excellent products and customer service! I have been having problems with my skin (acne) for years and now with the Nomige products I really have finally improved. Very personal approach by Barbara and her team. Highly recommended!

Sarah Vermeiren

"My skin feels more pleasant"

Happy customer! Since using Nomige I notice that my skin feels more pleasant. I also suffer less from pimples/acne. Furthermore, the personal service and approach is also a surplus!


"I could not miss it anymore"

I am absolutely sold to my Nomige skincare routine. I have been using it for at least 2 years and I have a very nice result. Especially now with the COVID-19 pandemic, when we have to wear a mask all day long, I have no problem with acne, my skin continues to feel pleasant, and I even get nice (unexpected) remarks that I still don't have wrinkles on my eyes (which are now even more noticeable above my mouth mask). I couldn't miss it anymore.

Iris Vanwalleghem

"My pregnancy acne has calmed down"

I tried the test package and I am very surprised by the results! Despite the fact that 2 weeks is a short period of time to see the results, this was the case for me! My pregnancy acne has calmed down enormously and my skin itself feels super good, perhaps the best in a long time. Also very well helped, received a lot of feedback and the Nomige team was always ready to answer questions, I am a fan!

Valérie Beckx

"That's rock and roll in a skincare cream"

I am very excited to let you know that i’ve joined the @nomige_skincare family I have prone to acne skin and i’ve been looking for years for perfect skincare products. Every time i started with a brand i was ok for 6 months and then the acne started again. After a long period of struggling i bumped into Nomige. Which is a personalised skincare line based on your own DNA. After all how can 1 cream fits everybody’s skin? This line is measure made on your needs and lifestyle, and your skin gets exactly what it is asking for. Nothing more,nothing less. I am using the line now for 4 months and the difference is very noticeable. My skin is smoother, my teint looks fresher and the thin lines around my eyes are less pronounced. Ohhh and my friends give me compliments about it On top of that the line is developed by a woman and made in Belgium! Everybody knows that i am a huge fan of female entrepreneurship, i tend to have a weak for daredevils who are able to create a revolutionary product . @babsgeus That’s rock and roll in a skincare cream

Virginie Morobé

Reviews of our customers that have a sensitive skin.

"I won't switch to other products anymore"

Since I use Nomige I have much less redness and irritation on the skin. I'm such a big fan of Nomige, I won't switch to other products anymore!

Lise Desmet

"My reactive skin looks calmer, clearer and brighter with Nomige"

As someone who is a skincare aficionado and who has tried every product under the sun. I definitely see that my reactive skin looks calmer, clearer and brighter with Nomige.

Emily Healy

"I have rather sensitive skin but I tolerate all Nomige products"

Very satisfied with my Nomige products. With only 4 products, I'm sure my skin will get everything it needs! I have rather sensitive skin, but I tolerate all Nomige products very easily. The UV filter in the day cream is also a plus, on sunny days I use the day cream with stronger protection. The cleansing milk is also very soft and pleasant to use.


"Nomige gives my skin a second life, very satisfied"

Completely new experience for me. I've had some problems with the skin around my eyes (flaky, dry, itchy, moisturizing) Nomige gives my skin a second life, very satisfied! Team Nomige helps to think with me until a solution is found. Highly recommended!

Isabelle Van Seghbroeck

"I strongly believe in Nomige, thank you!"

I'm very happy with my Nomige products! I have an atopic and very sensitive skin so it's not easy to find the right product. Dr. Barbara helped me to find the right products and a good routine. It's very easy to use because you only have 2 products in the morning and 2 in the evening. There is explanation provided with each product and a beautiful display for all your products. Barbara and her team were also very committed in giving me a good advice and a top notch service if there are any issues. I strongly believe in Nomige. Thank you!

Sarah Martens

"Even my friends noticed the difference"

For about 8 years, I've been having troubled skin. Whatever cream I used, it always felt taut, itchy and dehydrated. On top of that, I had flare-ups of dermatitis that I 'treated' with hydrocortisone cream and antibiotics. My skin was completely out of balance. A couple of months ago, I decided to go cold turkey and give my skin a break. Nomige had been popping up in my Instagram feed for ages (or so it seemed) and, desperate as I was, I decided to give it a go. After two weeks, my skin already felt calmer, plumper and more radiant —even my friends noticed the difference ;-) Now my skin is finally healthy and balanced again, because it gets all the ingredients it needs. Nothing more & nothing less. I'm so in love with my Nomige skincare products. Thank you, Barbara!


Reviews of our customers that used to have dry skin.

"Reduced my pores"

I am a big fan of Nomige. This is the only product that has helped me gain the hydration level and also reduced my pores. I absolutely love it.


"My skin is healthy and radiant again"

I had very dry, sensitive skin. So much so that I regularly suffered from flakes around the nose. Since I have been using Nomige products, my skin is healthy and radiant again! Only Nomige for me! Thank you Barbara for the good and smooth service!


"My skin feels nourished with a very little amount of cream"

Since I have been using Nomige, I don't have dry skin for a single day anymore. My skin feels nourished with very a little amount of cream. The team also monitors how the products react to your skin. If you have additional questions, you will get an answer quickly. Thank you Nomige! ;)


"Creams that fully nourish and moisturise my skin"

After years of searching, finally a set of serums and creams that fully nourish and moisturise my skin. Everything is thought of: experience, beautiful packaging, nice fragrance, no stickiness, ... And on top of that, a professional and personal approach, very nice!


"I get a lot of compliments about my beautiful skin"

When I started with my Nomige products I had very dry skin and a lot of pimples because of the dryness. Less than a week after I lubricated the nomige products, everything had recovered and remained that way. We are two years on. I get a lot of compliments about my beautiful skin and always recommend Nomige! You also get good advice and can always ask questions. Worth his price as far as I'm concerned!


Reviews of our customers that used to have imbalanced or oily skin.

"I'm still a 100% fan"

I've been using Nomige's products for almost 2 years now and I'm still a 100% fan! I especially like the serums! You really know that what you put on your face is really suitable for your skin type and when I haven't used it for a while I see a clear difference, but fortunately, after a few days of using Nomige again, my pimples and red spots are already visibly reduced. Also the feedback from Barbara and the Nomige team who will always kindly answer your questions is bonus .

Maxine Heyns

"My favourite product is the Nomige night cream"

I'm so happy with my Nomige products! I'm using it now for almost 2 years and I would certainly recommend it, especially for people who have the feeling that their skin is out of balance. Nomige is one of the only brands who really puts a lot of effort into looking at how your skin is and what your skin needs. By doing this, they can rebalance and support your skin in a mild and effective way. My favorite product is the Nomige night cream, this cream feels so rich and nourishing for my skin.

Elise Deylgat

"I recommend Nomige to every woman"

In the past I had several problems with my skin, But Since using Nomige, My skin is looking healthy and beautiful, I recommend Nomige to every woman.

Nancy Vinamont

"Fewer products does not mean less results"

I am very pleased that I have switched (after long doubts) to Nomige. I have been using the products for about 2 months now. My skin now feels less greasy because I now use 2 products in the morning compared to the 5 different products (2 eye creams, 2 serums and a day cream) I used in the past. My pores also look much better now. Fewer products does not mean less results. I have the impression that my skin benefits from using fewer products but the right ones. I also opted for the tinted day cream. Since using it, I've received the compliment "that I looked so good" several times. In other words, I can feel the difference, and other people can see the difference. The nice thing about Nomige is also that there is a very personal contact with the Nomige employees. For example, you receive a handwritten and personalised card with your order. They also follow up themselves whether you like the products you use. Speaking of service! My next order is already in my shopping basket!

Joline Van Bouwel

Reviews of our customers with a normal skin looking for better skincare.

"Highly recommend to use these products"

I don't have 'problem skin', but when using nomige's products I have even skin in the morning, which feels comfortable throughout the day! Highly recommended to use these products! They are based on your DNA, I don't think you can find anything better for your skin!


"Top products with visible results"

Top products with visible results. My skin not only looks healthier but also feels tighter. Never before I took make-up off so easy as with the Nomige cleansing products.

Co Dierckx

"Even after a night of less sleep, my skin looks remarkably fresh and even"

My personalised DNA report showed that I am blessed with exceptionally good genes. That doesn't mean it's not important to keep stimulating your skin and protecting it from external stress factors. Since I've been using Nomige's products, my skin feels moisturised and full. Moreover, the textures of the creams are very pleasant to use and are immediately absorbed by my skin. Even after a night of less sleep, my skin looks remarkably fresh and even.

Céline Van den berghe

"Very grateful to the entire Nomige team"

Very grateful to have finally found the skincare for my skin; very grateful for the super approach and personal follow-up by Barbara; very grateful to the entire Nomige team to ensure that my skin gets the approach it needs and deserves! Thank you very much!