Vacancy Brand Manager

A fast-growing skincare company

Nomige is a fast-growing skincare company with a unique business model and omni-channel strategy. As a marketeer you will build the Nomige brand and translate it to all potential Nomige lovers out there with a focus on digital sales.

Tasks & responsibilities

  • Guard the Nomige brand identity through all channels. Streamline all communication in line with our brand strategy
  • Ownership & conceptuation of all content that Nomige creates. Brief, collaborate & monitor external partners for content creation such as blogs, social media posts, videos, e-books, infographics, presentation decks and webinars
  • Perform in-house, competitor, and consumer analysis to shape new undertakings.
  • Continuously test and optimize the existing marketing tactics.
  • Help setup new initiatives such as 3th party marketplaces, TikTok, video formats, Nomige campaigns
  • Team with pertinent internal stakeholders to roll out campaigns or new product developments / innovations
  • Be happy when we talk about email marketing, website conversion or marketing automation.
  • Offer marketing support for all sales channels
  • Report the results of the several marketing projects to the team while monitoring
    your budgets
  • Evaluate your targets and ensure a constant flow of quality leads

Skills & qualifications

  • Previous working experience as marketeer for min 3 year with a proven track record of achieving measurable goals
  • Background or interest in skincare, health and beauty is a must
  • Background in digital or a digital savvy mindset to unfold the business full potential
  • Capacity to interpret marketing-related metrics.
  • Ability to configure organic and paid formulas.
  • Unrivaled networking techniques.
  • Superb research, presentation, and bargaining skills.
  • Refined and modifiable written communication abilities.
  • Insightful, pragmatic, and imaginative.
  • Fearless attitude and a just-do-it mentality
  • Results driven, research oriented and problem-solving
  • Perfect knowledge of business English, Dutch and French
  • The ability to be a self starter in a fast paced growing business that has a unique business model


A personal approach by a personal brand

More than anyone else, Nomige cares about your individual needs. It offers tailor-made products. Nomige doesn't just believe everyone deserves a unique product. Nomige couldn't even make a generic serum, even if she wanted to. This customized approach creates a strong connection with her customers. Nomige is not anonymous. Nomige is real. It is the embodiment of her creator and founder Dr. Barbara Geusens.


Nomige is science inspired beauty

Your genes tell us what you need. Your DNA is your true recipe for beauty. The science proves it. When you apply Nomige, you put to use the result of years of research and development. A body of knowledge translated into a credible and trustworthy brand.


Innovation and excellence is what makes Nomige stand out

Nomige stands out in all aspects and relationships. God is in the details. She leaves an impression. Different by it’s name, noticeable by it’s looks. Nomige has a new and different story that consumers accept and embrace. People no longer accept generic solutions, Nomige makes a difference.

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