Scientifically-proven skincare solutions created for your DNA

By Dr. Barbara Geusens

86% of women have skin issues and advanced aging, because the products they use do not match their DNA. Thanks to Nomige you get the perfect skin with products made specifically for you.

Founder and creator of Nomige, Dr. Barbara Geusens

60% of your skin health is based on your DNA.

We tailor-fit your skincare to your unique DNA.
Personalised is better.

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4 products,
1 routine

The beginning of a new skin era

Science proves that 60% of your skin health depends directly on your DNA. Nomige formulates 4 products tailored to your unique skin.

A DNA sample is all we need from you before you receive your personalized skincare products, right at your doorstep.

Antioxidant booster

24-hour anti-oxidant effect. We help neutralise free radicals by compensating for the lack of antioxidants, as we can read from your DNA.


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Customised DNA neutral day cream

It’s an anti-wrinkle and UV-protection day cream based on your lifestyle factors.


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Collagen booster

A cream full of peptides and other hydrating ingredients based on your DNA, for the softest and most plump skin.


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Hydration booster

It contains skin identical lipids and other hydrating ingredients based on your DNA needs, for a plump and soft skin.


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Skin improvement guarantee

89% of all Nomige customers see an improvement within 30 days. If not, we re-adjust your formulas. We believe in our expertise and its power.

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Your journey to
skin perfection

takes only 4 weeks


Send us your DNA sample


Analysis of your DNA


Formulation of your products


Packaging and shipping


Personal guidance

A skincare routine with a 98% satisfaction score, rated by +2000 customers

and we know why…

5x better

anti-wrinkle effect

24 hour

anti-oxidant effect

7x superior

skin texture improving effect

What our customers say


have less
deep wrinkles


show less rough
and softer skin


would recommend
Nomige to their friends

Confidence starts here

93% of our customers see improvement after 3 months

Before After

“I feel my skin has its glow back. It
looks more healthy.”

-Melanie D.
Before After

“I’ve always suffered from spider veins,
but since I use Nomige, my
skin looks so much better.”

-Jennifer R.
Before After

“The results I noticed after using Nomige for only 3 weeks is amazing! The bags
around my eyes have disappeared and I look much more rested.”

-Celine R.
Before After

“Your products are simply fantastic. My acne is visibly reduced and I feel that my skin is healthier!”

-Valerie B.

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