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Do the DNA test

Your DNA contains valuable information about your skin. It tells us what your skin needs and is an objective advisor that doesn’t lie or change.


Take the lifestyle test

40% of your skin health is determined by your lifestyle. Smoking, exposure to sunlight, stress and sleep deprivation affect your skin.


Receive your personalised skincare

Each Nomige product focuses on specific needs that result from your DNA profile and together with the Lifestyle cream they offer a complete approach for your skin.

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What people are

Sarah Vermeiren

Excellent products and customer service! I have been having problems with my skin (acne) for years and now with the Nomige products I really have finally improved. Very personal approach of Barbara and her team. Highly recommended!


I don't have 'problem skin', but when using Nomige's products I have even skin in the morning, which feels comfortable throughout the day! Highly recommended to use these products! They are based on your DNA, I don't think you can find anything better for your skin!

Emily Healy

As someone who is a skincare aficionado and who has tried every product under the sun. I definitely see that my reactive skin looks calmer, clearer and brighter with Nomige.

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