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anti-wrinkle effect

24 hrs

anti-oxidants effects

7x superior

skin texture improving effect

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have less
deep wrinkles


show less rough
and softer skin


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Nomige to their friends

Dr. Barbara Geusens, founder of Nomige

A one-size-fits-all approach does not work

Dr. Barbara Geusens had been dealing with unbalanced, acne-prone skin and had tried many brands to try and solve her problem. She was disappointed by the poor results and the relapse of acne after using products for a while.

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Confidence starts here

93% of our customers see improvement after 3 months

Before After

“I feel my skin has its glow back. It
looks more healthy.”

-Melanie D.
Before After

“I’ve always suffered from spider veins,
but since I use Nomige, my
skin looks so much better.”

-Jennifer R.
Before After

“The results I noticed after using Nomige for only 3 weeks is amazing! The bags
around my eyes have disappeared and I look much more rested.”

-Celine R.
Before After

“Your products are simply fantastic. My acne is visibly reduced and I feel that my skin is healthier!”

-Valerie B.
Skin improvement guarantee

89% of all Nomige customers see an improvement within 30 days. If not, we re-adjust your formulas. We believe in our expertise and its power.

2-in-1 cleanser
2-in-1 cleanser
Exfoliating tonic
Exfoliating tonic
High Protection Sunscreen SPF 30+
€35,10 Regular price
High Protection Sunscreen SPF 30+