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We ship worldwide. 

You get a DNA analysis, personalised DNA report, the DNA test + 4 personalized products based on your DNA and lifestyle. Also, if needed, an intake or follow-up Nomige consultation with Dr. Barbara Geusens. Along with your 4 tubes comes a marble tray in which you can place them.

The Nomige package consists of 4 products to ensure a complete treatment;

All products have a specific effect due to the ingredients they contain, ensuring a complete treatment. Serum and cream are both used during the day and at night, since they are best achieved through individual utilization.

By applying the products spread over time, your skin can process them better. Compare it with your diet; you also eat varied during the day instead of 1 large comprehensive meal in the morning.

The process consists out of 2 steps;

1.You place your order and complete the Lifestyle Test online. After 1-2 business days you will receive your DNA kit at home.*
2. You follow the instructions, collect your saliva sample and send it back.

From then on, we do all the work: your DNA is analysed and your product package is made and sent to you. Overall it takes up to 4 weeks from the moment we receive your saliva sample.

* The delivery will take up to 3-5 business days when shipping abroad.

The whole process takes 4-5 weeks. Find out more here.

You will find a prepaid return label in your DNA kit in which you can find all the instructions. Close your DNA kit after collecting you saliva and use the return label to send your sample back to us.

You have 2 options:

1. Contact us by mail or telephone and tell us who gave you the gift voucher.

2. Contact the person from whom you received the gift voucher. He or she will have received an e-mail with the code. Ask for the e-mail with the subject line 'Nomige gift voucher'.

You can gift the Nomige package to someone. Though, as the Nomige products are personalised, the recipient will still have to provide us with their details themselves. 

For now, it isn’t possible to purchase the marble block via the website. Please, just send me an e-mail:

Reordering your products

Yes, you can order all the products separately. Even our 2-in-1 cleanser and exfoliating tonic can be purchased distinctly.

See all the prices here

When you have finished your products after 3-4 months, you can re-order them individually in your personal account (log-in).

Day serum: € 119
Day cream: € 84.99
Night cream: € 139
Night serum: € 99

When you reorder products, the total price will be lower than the price of the complete Nomige package (4 products + DNA test). The DNA test is not necessary anymore and therefore is not charged.

If you reorder all 4 products at once, you receive a total discount of 10%.

1. Go to
2. Log in to your personal account via the upper right corner.
3. Go to 'reorder' in the menu
4. Reorder your products

Go to the homepage and log in via the upper right corner.


On average you will receive your DNA results 2-3 weeks after we have received your DNA sample. We will send the DNA report via e-mail. From then on you can always consult your results in your personal account on the website.

Your DNA does not change, just like the color of your eyes doesn’t change. Your lifestyle can change, and this is what we evaluate when you fill out the lifestyle test.

No, your DNA doesn’t change, so you don’t need to redo the test.

No, a DNA test cannot detect specific skin allergies. You can do this by taking a patch test, because this is a test that examines immune responses. What we can do is examine if you have a higher risk of sensitive skin or similar cases, because we look at markers that are involved in the structure of the skin structure. Your products can be adjusted accordingly.

Both are inextricably linked to each other. The extent to which your lifestyle affects the skin ageing process depends on your genes. You sometimes hear the phrase ‘that person has good genes' when someone looks good for her/his age. If you carry 'good genes', your DNA has fewer errors. It can, as it were, form a 'buffer' against external stress factors (such as lifestyle factors). This means that the risk of skin ageing is lower compared to someone else. Note: this is obviously on the condition that there is no exaggeration. Even when you have ‘good genes’ but smoke every day, for example, this will effect your skin. Excess harms.... always!

The opposite is also true: when you carry genetic defects, so-called 'mutations', you have a higher risk of accelerating skin ageing because your skin is not as resistant to external stress factors. If we have to put a number on it, it would be 60%-40%, although there is still a debate. The extent, to which your lifestyle is determinative is also age-related.

The factors I have chosen on a genetic level can be divided into 4 important biological processes; properties that characterise healthy skin;

✓ hydration

✓ antioxidant capacity

✓elasticity & wrinkles

✓ intact skin barrier

Within each biological process, we examine the genes that contribute to these elements and are responsible for it (e.g. the genes that are important in the hydration process). We then investigate whether or not these genes have defects. If that is the case, you carry a higher risk. It is up to the Nomige products to adjust these defects via specific ingredients.

Personalised products

First results can be expected as soon as 3 weeks, but continue to improve. After 2 months you already notice firmer structure, softer skin, less roughness, more even complexion, fresher look, fewer wrinkles (mainly around eyes and mouth), ...

Your skin does not get lazy and therefore you will continue to feel the effect of the products on your skin.

No, the selected ingredients keep on stimulating your skin. Your skin won’t become lazy or dependent on the products, since we don’t interfere with your skin processes. We stimulate and/or support them, where needed.

Nomige uses a range of ingredients that have a proven efficacy. We work with anti-oxidants, peptides, skinmicking ingredients,… all of which being tested in clinical studies. All our ingredients are also safe and approved by the EU.

Your lifestyle cream (= day cream) contains organic UVA and UVB sunfilters with minimal protection (SPF15) for every day. During the summer your skin requires more protection. You can reapply your daycream or use an extra sunscreen on top of your day cream.

We hope to switch to mineral sun filters (zinc oxide, titanium dioxide) soon, these products are in full development.

Your Nomige products can be kept in a dry and cool place for least 1 year, unopened.

Nomige is all about personalisation, which is one step beyond customisation. This means that the products of Nomige are completely tailored to your needs and we do everything it takes to get your skin in the best shape. We really go the extra mile for you and we guide you along the way by offering free virtual consultations.

Products usage

After purchasing the Exclusive Nomige package you will receive a DNA test. You collect your saliva according to the instructions below (instructions will be provided together with your DNA kit):

Step 1: Avoid eating, drinking, smoking and brushing teeth at least 30 minutes before the start of the test. Wash the hands thoroughly before starting the test.

Step 2: Rotate and pull open the sterile tube. Be careful and do not touch the tip of the cotton swab with your fingers. Also avoid contact with other objects to prevent contamination.

Step 3: Collect your saliva by turning the tip of the cotton swab firmly against the inside of your cheek for 1 minute. Then repeat this process on the other side.

Step 4: Immediately after collecting the saliva, place the swab back in the tube and make sure you hear a click.

Step 5: Place the tube back in the box and seal it. Use the prepaid label to return your DNA kit.

Tighten the cap of the tube until you hear a click, and just store it at room temperature.

From the moment the tube is properly clicked (with an audible click) you can keep the sample for several months.

Cleansing once a day in the evening is more than sufficient. Evening cleansing is very important as your skin comes into contact with pollution, UV radiation, dirt, etc. during the day. Keep in mind that too much cleansing is not good for your skin. It can damage your protective layer and skin microbiome (the good bacteria that live on your skin). So cleansing your face once a day (in the evening) is enough.

Use a moist cotton pad where you apply 2 to 3 pumps of your exfoliating tonic. This way, your cotton pad will absorb less product and more of the tonic will be tranferred onto your face. The quantity of the active substances will also not be reduced by the addition of the water. So you don't have to be afraid of dilution effects.

You can perfectly combine vitamin A with Nomige. You can also choose to use vitamin A in only 1 specific area (for example around your mouth). Use the Nomige evening products as described in the roles. And apply vitamin A as the last step.

You can also "take a break". Vitamin A can deplete the skin, especially if you are at the highest concentration. It is therefore not unwise to stop for a while, and only use Nomige. For example, start using vitamin A in November as a cure, for 3-4 months in the winter. This can be perfectly combined with Nomige (as described above). After this cure you can stop using vitamin A until it’s fall again.

No, not necessarily. The purpose of your tinted day cream is to give your skin a more even complexion and could therefore replace your foundation.

If you have sensitive skin, we recommend to slowly build up your routine. We choose ingredients that should not provoke a reaction. Unfortunately, we are never 100% sure this won’t happen. If you have a sensitive skin we can guide you and provide you a scheme to follow.

It takes some time for your skin to adapt to the new products. Your previous products probably worked differently, so allow your skin to get used to it.

You may always apply a second pump or second layer if that feels more comfortable. And gradually reduce the amount.

TIP: Mix dagcream with ½ pump of hydration booster (night serum) or contact us if you are worried

Don’t panic, your skin is adapting to the new products. When you switch from rich, oily creams to Nomige, your skin needs to ‘detox’ first. All toxins come out first, which can result in some bumps. This is a normal and natural reaction, but if you are worried, contact us. If needed we can always reformulate the products.


Yes, absolutely! Admittedly, the packaging and pink colors might be a bit distracting, but Nomige works just as well for men :-)

Large pores have to do with a number of things:
- Your skin structure that changes (with aging, for example) and loses its firmness, making the pores more visible
- Genetic: it may be that you have always had large pores and that this is how your skin is structured
- Impurities: the more impurities, the more visible the pores. The sebum and dirt remains in it and this makes it more visible

A pore is not a muscle and therefore cannot be 'closed'. Don’t trust products that claim to be able to do that. Ensure your skin is cleansed thoroughly, so the pore will be less visible. By working with skin lasers on skin structure you can get an improvement. With ointments and cleansing you will only be able to work on the impurities and the optical effect.

Although we strive to develop formulas suitable for sensitive and allergic skin, it is not possible to offer a 100% guarantee. There are so many different allergens that it is almost impossible to take all of these into account. From your DNA you can deduce whether you carry a risk for an (over) sensitivity, yet it is not possible to specify on which substances you will or will not react.

No. Nomige analyses genes that play a role in the skin aging process. We do not make diagnoses or offer therapeutic treatments. For the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, chronic acne, ... we advise you to contact a dermatologist.


✓ We make tailormade products; personalised based on your DNA and lifestyle
✓ Ingredients with high 'in vivo' concentrations
✓  You receive 4 products for a complete treatment
✓ A solution for all your skin problems

The word Nomige is a phonetic game (a Verlan) inverting the syllables of 'genome'. Your genome is synonymous with your DNA, the DNA that serves as the basis for the products. And the logo is a stylized fingerprint that looks like a maze at the same time, which symbolizes the search for the right product.

The idea arose, on the one hand from a personal frustration but also from a scientific observation. Personally, I thought it was a long and difficult search for the right product. There are so many different brands and so many promises, I did not know what or who to believe. Now I trust my DNA; it does not lie and is objective. It is also scientifically proven that every skin is unique, so why would you fall back on that arbitrary classification of oily, dry or mixed skin?

The Nomige package is tailor-made. You receive 4 personalised products based on your DNA and lifestyle. These products will last you 3 to 4 months.

The cost of the DNA analysis is included in the price. You only have to do this analysis once.


No, our products are not tested on animals.

The first step consists of a milky cleanser to remove make-up and dirt. The 2-in-1 cleanser can be used with or without water (on a cotton pad).

The second step consists of an exfoliating tonic that removes dead skin cells. This mild enzymatic peeling is suitable for all skin types and should be applied using a wet cotton pad.

If you cleanse your face properly in the evening, it will not become dirty overnight. Wash your face with lukewarm / warm water, this will open your pores and allow you to clean more thoroughly.

If your cotton colors "brown" in the morning, it is basically no more than oxidation of certain substances in your night cream. Oxidation is what you see when you leave an apple exposed to the air. It is inevitable but you should not think of this as "dirt”.

We are not purely organic or vegan. We use all sorts of evidence-based ingredients, including natural ingredients. eg sunflower oil, extract of daisies. But we are not vegan or organic.

Nomige does not have a separate eye cream. This is not necessary. All Nomige products are formulated in such a way that they can be tolerated around the eyes. And if they are good for the sensitive area around the eyes, they will certainly be fine for the rest of your face. In addition, the ingredients in our products also promote microcirculation around the eyes and act on bags and dark circles.

It always takes a while before your skin gets used to new products. Not all products hydrate in the same way and some products make your skin "lazy". If you've used such products in the past, your skin needs some time to adapt. Since our products work differently.

These are some tips:
- You can mix your previous product (if you have some leftovers) with a half pump of Nomige for a few days or weeks. Fifty-fifty. After a while you can skip the addition of other products and only use Nomige.

- You can also add half a pump of your night serum to your day cream for extra hydration, because your night cream is a hydration booster. After a while you can stop adding the night serum.

It is possible that your eyes are a bit teary. If you already have sensitive eyes, they can easily react on the sun filters in the day cream.

Tip: Do not apply your day cream close to your eyes. If the problem doesn’t seem to go away, please contact us.