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I see you've discovered our Skin School, which we designed especially for you! The skin school is a personal guide for all beauty lovers. Here you will discover the latest beauty news and useful Tips & Tricks.

Our skin school guides you in the search for the right facial care and in the meantime you learn about the impact of your DNA and lifestyle, the effect of ingredients, common skin problems, treatments, ...

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DNA Skincare

Discover DNA-based skincare and learn more about the impact of your DNA on your skin condition.

Skincare routines

Whether you're going for a simple or extensive skin routine, these tips you should know for sure


Do you know how to read a beauty label and what the effect is on your skin of all the different ingredients?

Lifestyle & environmental impact

You might not be aware, but your lifestyle affects your skin. Find out what (not) to do to improve your skin condition.

Skin Concerns

We all face skin problems in life, whether it is acne, pigmentation, dry or dehydrated skin. Learn more about these common skin problems and the appropriate solutions.


Discover what to do about your skin problems and how Nomige can help you to find you a fitting treatment or skincare routine.

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