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Which SPF is better and is a higher SPF actually much better than a lower one? In order to clear this up, Dr. Barbara Geusens conducts a short experiment with the help of a UV camera to visualise the effect that different SPF's have on your skin.
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UVA and UVB are both part of the Ultraviolet range of the light spectrum and are harmful for your skin. But, they have different characteristics. Let’s dig deeper into the difference between UVA and UVB rays.

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‘Toning’ your face with massage and lymphatic drainage: what is it, what are the benefits and how to do it. Some people praise this technique as their holy grail to fight ageing. You’ll often read tempting claims as sculpting, tightening,...
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Nomige had the opportunity to talk to Florence Teerlinck about the importance of skincare underneath make-up. As a well-known international make-up artist Florence meets and sees a lot of new faces. Even the most famous top models, like Bella Hadid were sitting in front of her. After seeing so many faces Forence admits that every skin is unique.

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