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In recent years a strong shift has been visible in the beauty industry. More and more brands are going for a 'personal approach' instead of the classic 'off the shelf' products. Within the category of 'personalized skin care', however, there is also a strong difference. In this blog we go deeper into this trend and explain to you the difference between "customization" and "personalization". 

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Since Nomige is a scientifically-based brand it was extremely important to us to prove the efficacy of our custom-tailored products through a clinical study. Unfortunately we can’t share the full details yet but keep reading if you want to know what the study is about and what the main results were. The full clinical study is to be published at a later stage and we will be more than happy to share it with you.

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For a long time we've known that DNA research is used to solve crimes and to confirm biological relationships. It’s clear that DNA analysis tells us more about ourselves and we are eager to capitalise on this knowledge. Products and services are more personalized than ever and so ‘DNA-based’ is like music to our ears. Today, DNA research is used both in the commercial and medical world.
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