Jul. 07, 2020

Cosmopolitan UK

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A smart mirror, DNA spreads and a 3D printed mascara. Fantasy or reality? Cosmo's beauty editor Inge predicts which gadgets and gadgets will go into the beauty business.

DNA known

Personalized skincare has been booming for a while, but skincare based on DNA is only really next-level. It sounds futuristic, sending a DNA sample and questionnaire to later receive a package of customized spreads (€ 499). At the Belgian beauty brand Nomige it is possible. You will be sent a kit with which you can take a cheek swab. You then send this back, after which it is examined in the lab. Based on your skin type, moisture condition and lifestyle (do you smoke, do you eat healthy, do you sleep enough?), your DNA profile is determined and you receive a day and night cream and two serums. Sci-fi, huh?

Text: Inge Hanssen

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