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By dr. Barbara Geusens

Personalized facial treatments based on your DNA

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Skin center
Inner tree
Bagattenstraat 157A
9000 Ghent
Easily accessible by public transport (tram stop “Savaanstraat”). Or public parking spaces nearby (“parking zuid”)

Contact us:
+32 472 120 977
Skin Center Antwerpen
by Maison Victoire
Van Breestraat 18
2018 Antwerpen
Contacteer Ellen Opdenakker: +32 465 08 05 60 - - Meer info op

Our unique approach

At the Nomige Skin Center we look at both the outside and inside of your skin. During your first visit, our skin expert will determine your visible skin condition and we will take a one-time DNA sample via a simple saliva test. From your first visit, we will tailor your treatment based on your visible skin needs. During the follow-up visit, your DNA-based skin report will be analyzed together with our skin expert. After this, we will further customize the treatment with your unique personalized products based on your DNA. Our DNA protocol complies with privacy legislation, where we only look at the markers that are relevant to the structure of your skin.

Relaxing personalized treatments

Based on your visible skin needs and DNA results.
We start the session with a skin consultation and DNA test by a skin expert.

The first appointment includes:
  • Skin consultation (15 minutes)
  • Facial treatment (60 minutes)
  • One-time DNA test and extensive skin report
    Price: €220

    OFFERS FOR EXISTING CUSTOMERS Personalized facial treatment includes:
  • 60-minute facial treatment based on your skin needs and the results of your DNA analysis
    Price: €135

  • see the cancellation policy in our FAQ
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