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Thank you for your visit to NOMIGE’s website, accessible through the following URL’s:;;,,,,,

Hereinafter referred to as “Website”, owned and governed by NOMIGE bvba, with registered offices in Belgium,  B-9000 Gent, Brouwerstraat 17 and with CBE-number 0661.618.687, (hereinafter referred to as “NOMIGE”).

Please be sure to read these Terms of Use carefully. These Terms of Use are applicable to any access and use of the Website and to the registration of an account.

Upon creation of an account, you as a user confirm to have read and accepted these Terms of Use. Visiting the Website, creating an account and any other use of the Website also constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of these Terms of Use.


General terms of use of the Website

1.  Purpose of the Website

1.1. The Website aims to sell services and products of NOMIGE, to provide information on the importance of proper skin care and on the valuable information your DNA contains.

1.2 The Website consists of two parts. One part is accessible without previous identification and the information is accessible for everyone. The second part is only accessible for users who have registered on the Website and have an account.


2.  Applicability and binding force

These Terms of Use are applicable to every use of the Website. By visiting the Website you declare to have read and accept these Terms of Use.


3.  Use of the Website

3.1 Use of the Website is reserved for every person having interest in the Services and/or Products of NOMIGE.

3.2. You need to be 18 in order to be able to register for an account on the Website.

3.3. NOMIGE preserves itself the right to close the account of users who do not abide by these Terms of Use and by NOMIGE’s Privacy & Cookie Policy, unilaterally, immediately, permanently and without previous warning.


4.  Registration on the Website

4.1. Registering for an account can be made through the following link:

The registration form needs to be filled out completely and truthfully.

4.2. The creation of an account is reserved for our clients. If you register for an account on the Website and you don’t buy one of our Products and/or Services within 1 month, your account will be deleted automatically.

4.3. It is not allowed to make use of someone else’s identity, of proxy’s, nor temporary e-mailaddresses.

4.4. Upon registration you need to consent on these Terms of Use, the General Terms and Conditions of NOMIGE and the Privacy & Cookie Policy of the Website.

4.4. NOMIGE reserves itself the right to decide on the acceptation of your registration. Your registration can be refused based on the following grounds, amongst others:

  • You don’t give the requested information for identification or you provide incorrect or incomplete information;
  • You try to register several or multiple times by using different names;
  • You make unauthorized use of a Third Party’s identity;
  • You do not comply with the obligations set out in these Terms of Use, did not

comply with them in the past or NOMIGE can reasonably assume that he will not comply with them in the future;

  • Any other reason under which NOMIGE can reasonably judge that registration may not be accepted.

4.5 The activation of the account will be confirmed by sending an e-mail to the User’s email address. This will provide the user with a login (email address) and a password (generated by NOMIGE). 

Afterwards, the User will gain access to the Website to, inter alia, manage personal data, manage your log-in, buy Products,…

4.6 The password you receive after creating an account is strictly personal. You cannot transfer the password to third persons, nor sell or communicate to third parties.


5.   Duration of the agreement

Every user with an account on the Website, can decide at any moment to delete his/her account. In case you want to delete your account, send an e-mail to

NOMIGE will do its utmost best to delete your account within 1 week after receiving your e-mail.


6.  Payment

6.1. NOMIGE only accepts the following payment methods on the Website: Visa, mastercard, maestro, bancontact, paypal ideal, SEPA, Giropay. 

6.2. In order to guarantee safe online payment and the safety of your personal data, the transaction data will only be wired while encrypted with SSL technology. In order to make payments with SSL no special software is required. You recognize a safe SSL-connection by the “lock” in the bottom status bar of your browser.


7.  Limitation of Liability

7.1 NOMIGE pays the utmost attention and care to the content of the Website. However, this content is subject to changes, may at any time be removed and is made available to you without any express or implied warranties of correctness. NOMIGE is not liable for damages resulting from the use in any way of contents of the Website or for damage caused by distributing it, regardless of whether this content was correct or incorrect or for damage resulting from incorrect, incomplete, ambiguous or outdated information or errors on the Website (e.g. relating to pricings on the Website).

7.2 NOMIGE will provide the necessary security systems in order to protect the Website, the computer programs and her databases. NOMIGE will provide for adjustments to anti-virus systems regularly. It should be noted that NOMIGE has an obligation of means and not an obligation of result. Unless in case of bad faith or gross negligence, NOMIGE (as well as other related companies and persons), will not be liable for damage, interruption, theft, loss, destruction or adaptation of data, loss of profits, or other direct or indirect damage caused by illegal or unlawful access or use by third parties of the Website, the computer systems and telecom systems of the Website.  

7.3 NOMIGE makes every effort to grant access to the Website 24/7. Given the technical characteristics of the Internet and the information technology, and given the need for periodic maintenance, updates or upgrades, however, we cannot warrant uninterrupted access and services. In case of acceptable discontinuance, interruption or disruption of access or services, we will do everything in our power to correct it within the shortest possible delay. Such normally acceptable interruptions or disturbances are specific to services via the Internet and cannot be considered as defects or default. They will in no case give rise to liability to any damages or other remedy.

7.4 The websites of third parties to which the Website occasionally refers are not managed, hosted or maintained by NOMIGE. NOMIGE is not liable for the content of these sites, for the links referring to them or for the amendments and updates made on them.

7.5 The information on the Website can never be considered as medical or psychological advice in any way. All information on the Website is for informative purposes only and in order to make a correct diagnosis of one of the deseases described on the Website, you always need to consult your medical doctor. Check our General Terms and Conditions for more information on this matter.

7.6 In any case, NOMIGE’s liability will always be limited to the value of the order which gave rise to the damage.


8.  Intellectual property rights

NOMIGE is and always will be the sole owner or licensee of all the intellectual property rights related to the Website and to its services. The User undertakes to not copy, sell or use in any way or any shape, entirely or partially, the protected elements making up the Website or its services. These elements include notably trademarks, texts and articles, software, source codes, databases, forms, domain names, corporate names, product names, logos, graphic elements and illustrations, graphs, music’s, color combinations, slogans, lay- outs, settlement sheets and any other element of the Website or of the services that is prone to protection.


9.  Force Majeure

NOMIGE cannot be held liable for the breach of contract if the default is caused by an event qualified as Force Majeure or results from an event reasonably out of control of NOMIGE. In that case we may either suspend our obligations for the duration of the state of force majeure or definitely repudiate the agreement.

Events of force majeure are all circumstances external to our will and control that render the respect of our obligations completely or partly impossible. Such events include amongst others strikes, fire, disruption of energy supplies or telecommunication networks or communication systems and/or the temporary down-time of the webshop, late delivery or absence of delivery by suppliers or other third parties,…


10.  Applicable Law and jurisdiction clause

These Terms of Use are managed, interpreted and executed in accordance with the laws Belgium that is the only law applicable to litigation.

The courts of Belgium are exclusively competent for any kind of disagreement that could arise from the interpretation or execution of the present Terms of Use.


11.  Contact

For all further information or any suggestion regarding these Terms of Use, please contact us by e-mail: