Jul. 03, 2020

Harper's Bazaar India


The secret to flawless skin? It's in your DNA.

If there's one thing the beauty industry has in abundance, it's options. A cleanser isn't just a cleanser, for instance—it's gel, foam, clay, powder, micellar, cream. How, then, can you choose what's best for your skin? Well, let your DNA decide. All it takes is a swab of saliva. With technology reshaping beauty, one outcome is a hyper-customized approach. Bazaar speaks with the pioneers who formulate your daily regimen, or tell you what to buy off the counter, based on the results of genetic testing.

What does DNA tell you about a person's skin?
Dr Barbara Geusens, founder, Nomige: It indicates the risk you carry for accelerated skin ageing, depending on the presence of mutations in certain genes. These are genes involved in collagen homeostasis, antioxidant levels, and hydration. Nomige designs products by selecting ingredients that help minimize these risks. Each product in your set of four has a specific target. It takes the guessing out of skincare.

Words: Esha Mahajan

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