Jul. 07, 2020

John Magazine

I see I see...

An artificial skin that you stick on your wrinkled face in the morning, a robot that tells you that you need a more oily day cream: beauty journalist Karen Van Ede sees how the future knocks at our bathroom door, sometimes already has one foot inside. Because hair that changes color when it's hot, that already exists.


We are busy with ourselves. Everyone the same cream? Why not skincare and make-up that is applied to our own skin type and our own specific skin color? Custommade is the beauty term of 2019. It only really becomes tailor-made if you have your skincare custom made after a DNA test, adapted to your genes - they already do this in Belgium.

The Belgian Nomige makes skin care adapted to your DNA report, which you can order via the website Nomige.com. A pack of 4 products is enough for a new routine (for 3 to 4 months, €499 via nomige.com)

By Karen Van Ede.

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