The holidays are a time to be connected with our family .


This year we have to keep our distance, but maybe we are more connected than before . Because being apart can also teach us how to be together.

No matter the distance we are always connected by our genes .

Nosome gift card

You will be able to put these gifts under the Christmas tree

Looking for a holiday gift but not sure what to give them? Give them the choice with a Nomige gift card.

Other gift options

Nomige cleansing products consist of a 2-in-1 cleanser and an exfoliating tonic that kindly removes dead skin cells. Let them treat their skin to even more with our Facial roller and Gua Sha stone.


Cleanser pack


Facial massage pack


Full pamper package


2-in-1 cleanser

A milky cleansing lotion and make-up remover that can be used with and without water.


Exfoliating tonic

A refreshing solution of exfoliating ingredients that removes dead skin cells.


facial roller

Massage your face to remove toxins and make active ingredients penetrate deeper into your skin and wake up your muscles.


Gua Sha

Due to the specific shape of this stone, it is ideal for “contouring” and "shaping" of your face.