Apr. 19, 2023

The power of DNA

DNA: It has been hot and happening in recent years. But what does DNA mean and what can I do with it? We want to explain it simply and clearly to you.

What is DNA?

Just as computers work with codes that consist of ones and zeros, so does DNA, but with A, T, G and C. Your DNA consists of 3 billion A, T, G and C's. That DNA code is stored on chromosomes that are part of our genome ('genome' - 'nomige': it's a play on words). DNA is, in fact, a very long macromolecule that resides in the core of every cell in our body.

It's been there since you were born. Your DNA comes half from your mother and half from your father. No one has the same DNA unless you are identical twins. In principle, your DNA remains unchanged throughout your life, unless local errors begin to occur during cell division. This is referred to as mutations, which can result in diseases or abnormalities. Consider, for example, sun damage that, due to excessive exposure to UV light, results in skin cancer because the DNA is damaged.

But you can also have mutations from birth.


What are Genes?

Genes are carriers of information. Each of the characteristics you carry is the result of a piece of code that makes up a gene. For example, you have the gene for eye color, and depending on the code, you have blue or brown eyes. The variations that make up this code are called alleles.


So each gene has 2 variants; 1 allele on each chromosome. Sometimes those variants are identical (eg 2 times blue), sometimes not (eg blue and brown).


What does Nomige do with your DNA?

We look at the genes that determine your skin aging and what your skin looks like. The mutations or 'single nucleotide polymorphisms' (SNP, pronounced 'snip') on those genes cause accelerated skin aging. You can have one, two or no mutations per gene. And that determines whether you have a low, moderate or high risk of, for example, collagen loss. We try to supplement those mutations or shortenings with our skin care where necessary.

Thanks to a DNA analysis, we can see what your skin needs, something that we cannot see with the naked eye or even with a special camera. We use your DNA insights as the most objective advisor in the search for beautiful and healthy skin.

Clinical study

Dr. Barbara Geusens, the founder of Nomige, commissioned a clinical study to show that a personalized approach works better. In this double-blind study, 24 mature female volunteers with similar genetic background (in terms of their skin biomarkers) and lifestyle were randomized to two treatments (Nomige vs. “control”) for 56 days, in a split-face design study.

The results are clear.

  • 5x better anti-wrinkle effect compared to the control product
  • Nomige keeps the skin barrier intact
  • Up to 40% reduction in TEWL (transepidermal water loss) after 1 month
  • 7x better smoothing effect
  • Significantly more firmness after 1 month; up to 40% increase in firmness

Read the full clinical study here



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