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Day cream
Day cream
Day cream
Day cream

Day cream


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Your Nomige Day cream is based on your lifestyle and is applied after you have applied the day serum . This way, the day cream can protect the top layer of your skin against external factors and environmental conditions during the day.

The different blends are also available as colored day creams with a choice of 3 different shades .

Get to know your unique day cream blend using the Nomige Lifestyle Test . After you have gone through this you can select your cream.

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      How does it work?

      After completing your LIFESTYLE test, we recommend a Nomige Day Cream for your unique skin. From that moment you know which day cream is suitable to order. The day cream can be applied after applying your personalized DNA-blend day serum.


      Concentrations and mixtures vary and depend on your lifestyle test.


      Free shipping from 220 EUR.

      Why a day cream based on your lifestyle?

      40% of your skin health is determined by external factors and lifestyle, 60% of your skin profile is genetically determined.
      At Nomige we look both inside and outside to determine your skin health and thus tailor the skin care products accordingly. As far as your day cream is concerned, Nomige provides a Lifestyle Blend that protects you against external factors that can be detrimental to your skin during the day.
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