May. 16, 2023

DNA Skin Care = the anti-aging solution

Skin aging is a natural process that varies between individuals depending on hereditary and environmental factors. At Nomige we understand this and have developed a simple 4-product routine that takes into account all your skin's needs. But what does your skin really need? Find out with our simple DNA and lifestyle test. Our DNA analysis reveals, among other things, your risk of collagen loss. Based on this, we create your personal routine, with special attention to the night cream that boosts your collagen .

Boost your COLLAGEN with your personalized Night Cream

Collagen is essential to how your skin ages, and your unique DNA plays a 60% crucial role in how susceptible you are to collagen loss. It is therefore important not only to consider external factors, but also to understand your genetic profile (the internal factor). That is why we use the power of DNA with Nomige during the development of your personalized night cream.

While most brands only focus on promoting collagen production, Nomige, one of the few in the market, goes a step further by also slowing down the breakdown of collagen - based on your DNA. By gaining insight into your genetic profile, we can determine to what extent you are sensitive to collagen breakdown. We can see who breaks it down faster and who breaks it down less. This allows us to add specific peptides to your night cream, which can slow down the excessive breakdown process. We not only want to stimulate collagen production , but also protect it against loss. Because stimulation alone is not enough to prevent skin aging. Imagine you have a glass of water with a hole in it - if you pour water into that glass, it will never fill up. Your Nomige night cream protects, reduces breakdown and at the same time promotes collagen production.

Collagen repair takes place while you sleep

Your personalized night cream is a fantastic anti-aging product that works best while you sleep. During the night your skin gets the chance to recover and strengthen. So enjoy applying your collagen cream before going to bed and wake up in the morning with radiant, rejuvenated skin.

Order your DNA test and your collagen booster here and take the first steps to “know the skin you're in”!💫

Or go for a complete anti-aging package with the Complete 4-piece Nomige Routine, which consists of a personalized day serum, day cream, night cream and night serum.

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