Jul. 13, 2020


When there is excess skin and therefore little or no effect is to be expected from botox or fillers, a facelift is the only effective remedy to restore the face to its youthful appearance. But a facelift... aren't you going to look unnaturally "American"? Dr. Van De Sijpe, founder and plastic surgeon of D&E clinic, explains it to you.


It is a common misconception that after a (well done!) facelift you will look like you have been sitting in front of a wind turbine or will look like an immobile statue without any expression. Nothing could be further from the truth! A facial rejuvenation with the help of a facelift is precisely meant to look fresh and natural. As a woman I understand only too well that a natural result is very important!

The right technique

It's all in a good combination of the right techniques and a good artistic insight. In this way a beautiful result can be obtained at all times. The right technique to avoid this "wind tunnel effect" (caused by too much traction) is the SMAS technique. It is not pulled on the skin itself, but the reinforcement is realized at the level of the deeper underlying structures and muscles.

These are lifted and attached to the bone structure. You can compare it to a sagging hammock that is shortened and hung from the solid tree trunk. This allows the skin itself to be draped smoothly over it and the excess skin to be removed. In this way we obtain a very natural result, without traction on the skin itself and with a longer lasting effect.

You don't have to worry about pain either. We avoid a general anaesthesia and thus a longer recovery. You only feel the anaesthetic stings, but nothing else. Most of the procedure you lie quietly asleep. Afterwards the bandages will bother you a bit during the first week, but that is certainly not very painful.

This procedure is often combined with the addition of some fat (lipofilling) in order to restore any lost central volume in the face. If necessary, an additional eyelid correction can also clear up the look and complete the picture.


The result

Et voilà, not only a subtle and natural effect, but also better healing through less traction on the skin! a better healing also ensures finer and almost invisible scars. These are between your hair and on the edge in front of your ear and possibly also behind your ear, where they are a bit clearer, but remain very inconspicuous as they fall into the crease. Moreover, your hair does not need to be shaved and after 2 weeks you will be perfectly presentable.

In short, it doesn't have to give you worries that you are going to walk around like a freak after a facelift!


It is very important that you offer your skin in good condition before the facelift and that you take good care of your skin and "maintain" it afterwards in order to maintain the result as long as possible. We turn back the clock 7 to 10 years with the facelift, but of course we can't stop the time, the aging process will unfortunately continue after the procedure.

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That's why Nomige's skincare line is dedicated to supporting the skin and maintaining long-term results. What's more, by using the right skin care products with an effect on the skin's structure, we can even upgrade the result of the facelift!

Balanced nutrition, a stable weight and a healthy lifestyle can also contribute to this. Beautiful skin is the ideal basis for a super result!

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