Some Accessories

Complete your skincare routine with other Nomige products...

Sun Protection is one of the main steps in maintaining healthy looking skin, and preventing sun damage. Keep your skin protected at all times with our new products!


High Protection Sunscreen SPF 30+ (Presale)


High Protection Sunscreen SPF 30+

sun box


Sun Box by Nomige contains all the essentials for your perfect summer


After sun


Moisturizing cream with an SPF 15 factor.

Cleaning products

The cleansing step is necessary if you want to have glowing, radiant and bright skin!

Cleanser pack

€54.98 €50.00

A set of our Cleansing Tonic and 2-in-1 cleanser

Exfoliating tonic


A refreshing solution of exfoliating ingredients that removes dead skin cells.

2-in-1 cleanser


A milky cleansing lotion and make-up remover that can be used with and without water.

Full pamper package

€114.98 €99.00

Pamper yourself or your close ones with this perfect gift!

Our accessories

Massaging tools are the perfect gifts for your loved ones!

facial roller


Massage your face to remove toxins and make active ingredients penetrate deeper into your skin and wake up your muscles.

Facial massage pack

€60.00 €55.00

Our Jade Roller and Gua Sha stone is the perfect duo for a relaxed and healthy looking skin!

Gua Sha


Due to the specific shape of this stone, it is ideal for “contouring” and "shaping" of your face.