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Color Correct Color Correct Day Cream
50 ml = 4 months of daily use
Why did we choose this day cream for you?
  • Combines pigments with an anti-aging effect
  • The golden ingredient duo of phospholipids and ceramides gives your skin an intense glow
  • Has been developed to camouflage your imperfections and give your skin an even complexion
  • The UV filters protect you from the sun
  • The magical ingredient *VIT E* protects your skin against external damage
  • Your skin is not covered like with a foundation
Take it a step further with DNA-based products.
= day serum, night cream and night serum
Take the DNA test first:
  • Check the DNA test in the shopping cart
  • We send the DNA kit to you, you do the saliva test and you send it back to us
  • You will receive a DNA skin report after 3-4 weeks
  • From then on you can buy DNA-based products
  • Do you have any questions? Give us a call and we will help you immediately
Take it a step further with DNA-based products.