May. 02, 2020

Five tips for selecting makeup products

Do you recognize this? Too much choice, soooo many products... What to choose off all these make-up products? We provide you five tips that may help you select the right products.

1. Know your skin

Your natural skin colour

Are you dark or light skinned? When selecting a concealer, powder or foundation, it is important to choose a product that matches the color of your skin . The better the color matches your natural skin colour, the more natural it looks.

Tip: Nomige has a tinted anti-aging day cream ('Color Correct') designed to give you an even skin tone and to camouflage discoloration and imperfections. The tinted day cream comes is three different shades. Because it is a day cream and not a foundation, it penetrates very well into the skin and does not put a shiny layer on your skin.


Skin type

Besides your natural skin colour, it is also very important for your makeup - particularly base products like your foundation - to be matching your skin's needs . People suffering from dry skin should better choose a liquid foundation, while people having oily skin better should opt for a matte or powder foundation.

2. Non-comedogenic products


'Non- comedogenic ' labels refer to makeup not containing ingredients that clog pores and lead to acne . If you have acne prone skin or often suffer from impurities, this could be the ideal product for you. The only problem is that there is currently no approved industry regulation of non-comedogenic standards. In other words, there is no official test or checklist for a product before it can add the label to its products. Therefore, it is important to check the ingredient list yourself. Avoid products with ingredient lists containing heavy or thick oils and emollients such as cocoa butter, coconut oil, isopropyl myristate, isopropyl isostearate, acetylated lanolin; isopropyl palmitate, ethylhexyl palmitate and myristyl myristate, which are all known clogging ingredients, certainly if they are on top of the ingredient list .

3. What about mineral makeup?

What's it?

Mineral make-up consists of minerals such as iron oxides, talc, zinc oxide, and titanium dioxide that are micronized, ground and milled into tiny particles and are used as a cosmetic ingredient. Mineral make-up contains a limited amount of ingredients and is more kind to sensitive skin types. However, it is important to read the label when buying mineral makeup. Choose a ' 100% mineral product' instead of 'mineral enriched' products. 'Mineral enriched products' or 'liquid formulations' of mineral make-up may still contain ingredients such as preservatives, fragrances etc. and have no added value compared to traditional make-up.


  • Contains a limited amount of ingredients and is therefore better tolerated by sensitive skin types.
  • Zinc and titanium dioxide scatter sunlight and act as a sunscreen, protecting your skin from damaging UV light.
  • A 100% mineral makeup will not clog pores and is safe to use for people with acne prone skin.
  • Feels weightless and light on your skin


  • Mineral makeup can often be drying for your skin, making the appearance of wrinkles more prominent.
  • Not all mineral cosmetics are 100% pure.
  • Minerals are natural, but that does not mean that all mineral cosmetics are 100% natural products
  • Finding the right color match for your skin tone may be challenging.

4. Is organic makeup better?

Not necessarily! It is a misconception to think that organic or natural is always better for your skin . Some considerations need to be taken into account:

1) The definition of 'organic' and 'natural'

There is no regulation for companies to add the term 'organic' or 'natural' to their products. Some cosmetics contain natural ingredients, which doesn't actually tell anything about how many, or what percentage, of its total ingredients are indeed natural. Therefore, it is difficult for a consumer to know which products are 100% natural or organic and which brands just use the term as a marketing strategy. Only brands that can give a clear definition offer products that actually means something.

2) Natural does not mean 'safe'!

Natural ingredients are also chemicals, just as synthetic molecules. There are plenty of naturally produced toxic compounds, so ' natural' says nothing about the safety of an ingredient.

3) The dose

Dose really matters! Some ingredients - both synthetic and natural - are dangerous, but only in high doses. Therefore, low concentrations of the ingredient are still safe to use. For example, if we look at preservatives: there are both natural and synthetic preservatives on the market. Some synthetic preservatives are very effective in a very low dose while they are still replaced by natural preservatives with are less effective, even in a high dose.

Are you interested in this topic? Soon we will publish a blog that elaborates on the subject 'organic and natural skin care' .

5. Less is more

After all, we are beautiful just the way we are. :) A little bit of makeup is okay but don't exaggerate! Moreover, it is also very important to take care of your skin on a daily basis. A good daily routine can give your skin a natural glow, so you don't have to wear make-up! A good skincare routine starts with nourishing and hydrating basic products that suit your skin. Moreover, a daily and mild cleansing of the skin is also indispensable.


Our product offer

Are you still looking for the perfect basic products in your daily routine ? Nomige understands better than anyone what your skin needs. We make personalized skin care products and carefully select ingredients that suit your skin. In doing so we take into account your DNA, as well as your lifestyle. This exact approach will revitalize your skin, making it radiant and in so doing visibly reduce the signs of ageing.


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Follow our story

Connect with us and follow the hashtag #MyNomige to stay up to date of the latest skin tips and news.

Follow the hashtag #Nomige and stay informed about the latest skin tips and news.
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