Apr. 19, 2023

Know the skin you're in through the Nomige Skin Center

The Nomige Skin Center is a unique concept where our Skin Expert provides facial treatments based on your DNA. As a result, we can not only provide a blissful facial treatment, but we can also personalize that treatment to the highest level; a 60-minute facial treatment tailored to your unique skin.

Kwow the skin you're in! 💫

Skin health is 60% determined by your DNA and 40% by your lifestyle. We tailor your facial treatment accordingly.

How does a facial treatment in our Skin Center work?

Women giving a facial massage

Not yet a Nomige customer? Is it your first time at the Skin Center?

No problem! Our Skin Expert Valerie is here for you. Before the treatment, she takes the time to put together a personalized treatment based on the visible condition of your skin and your lifestyle . If desired, she can take the DNA test with you after the treatment. She does this by means of a simple saliva test. During a follow-up visit, our Skin Expert can go through your skin analysis and from now on the facial treatment can be 100% personalized and we also tackle the things that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Are you already a customer and you know the skin you're in 😍:

PERFECT! Then we immediately start with a treatment that is 100% tailored to your skin! You enjoy a treatment that offers your skin what it really needs.


Gua Sha

Our facial treatments contain different massage techniques. One of them is the Gua Sha massage. The massage technique with the Gua Sha Stone ensures:

  • Promotes blood circulation, has a positive influence on the skin aging process
  • Relaxes the facial muscles
  • Repels moisture retention and promotes smooth skin
  • Some products penetrate even better
  • Waste materials are disposed of

You will find our beautiful Nomige Skin Center at 'Inner Tree' in the heart of Ghent:

Nomige Skin Center Wellness Center "Inner Tree"
Bagattenstraat 157A,
9000 Ghent

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