Aug. 10, 2020

Is it worth considering a DNA analysis to get insights into your skin?


Certainly, YES! Given that 60% of your skin aging is determined by your genes, it is certainly worth having an insight into this.

DNA analysis gives insight into the blueprint of your skin and tells you more about the ‘inherent’ properties of your skin. Through a DNA skin analysis you can find out if your skin problem is naturally present or if this problem is caused by your lifestyle. You will also find out where the risks for accelerated ageing are situated and where you should focus on. This is impossible with a ‘regular’ skin analysis, as it will not analyse your skin on this level.  


Take 'dry' skin, for example. People often think they suffer from dry skin. After having done a DNA skin analysis you will get the confirmation if you naturally have dry skin, dehydrated skin or none of the above. If the DNA test reveals you have no mutations in the genes that help to keep the skin barrier intact your risk for having dry skin is rather low. The same applies for dehydrated skin.

Genes that help control the moisture balance of your skin are investigated to get a grip on the risks for dehydrated skin. If you have no genetic risks, dehydrated skin might as well be the result of using too aggressive soaps, treatments or products, … Therefore, getting to exact cause is imperative in order to treat is well.


Dehydrated skin needs a different approach than dry skin; and depending on the cause (being genetic or ‘induced’ via external factors) the selection of ingredients is different;

  • Dehydrated skin:
    • Goal is to replenish the moisture balance using humectants to mimic the ‘natural moisturizing factors’ already present in your skin
    • Type of humectants however depends on your genetic profile and your habbits (i.e. your current skincare and cleansing routine, season, environment, …)
    • The choice of adding amino acids rather than glycerin or urea, or vice versa, completely depends on your DNA report and Lifestyle questionnaire
  • Dry skin:
    • Goal is to reinforce and support the skin barrier by adding lipids to your skin
    • The type of lipids again depends on your genetic profile and your lifestyle (i.e. your current skincare and cleansing routine, season, environment, …)
    • We can add skin-identical/skin-mimicking lipids to your skin care products in order to compensate for the absence of these natural lipids or we choose lipids simply to reinforce the barrier and make it stronger

This is one of the many examples where a DNA skin analysis provides more insight than a skin analysis and in this way can also act much more specifically on your problem.

    In a nutshell, the benefits of DNA skin analysis:

  • Discover what makes your skin unique
  • Get better insights into the cause of your skin concerns
  • Find out where your risks are for accelerated aging
  • Understand why certain ingredients might or might not work for you
  • Finally get the products that match your skin



“Our standards are far above the general standard.”

As we explained above, a DNA skin analysis offers more insights into your skin. But we are dealing with your DNA, so we want you to know the following aspects:

  • Our methods and technologies follow the strictest norms in the area of security and the procedures that apply in the sector.

  • We work with an accredited genetic lab

  • We stick to guidelines drawn up concerning privacy and data protection

  • GMP production of DNA-based formulas

  • We don’t use chemical preservatives or harmful ingredients

  • The Concept of Nomige is based on scientific research & supported by our clinical study published in 2020.

  • Nomige takes both your genetic profile and lifestyle into account. We are aware that it is crucial to take both elements into account in order to offer a total approach to your skin. Nomige is a pioneer in DNA-based skincare and is also the only one who takes your lifestyle into account and continuously adapts the products accordingly. On the basis of a questionnaire and/or 1-on-1 consultation, your lifestyle or external factors are taken into account.

  • Nomige goes the extra mile for you. We go beyond the 4 standard skintype categories (dry, oily, mixed, sensitive skin) - we have almost 4000 different skintypes that we can serve. No standardised shelf products but a tailor-made package with personalised products: a day cream that is based on your lifestyle, a day serum, night cream and night serum are based on your genetic profile.

  • We offer high quality products in combination with a high level of personal service. Our products are offered in airtight packaging that guarantees stability and activity of the personally selected active ingredients.


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Nomige Package



The complete and personalised Nomige package consists of:

  • DNA analysis & skin report
  • 1 day cream & 1 serum
  • 1 night cream & 1 serum
  • Marble Tray
  • Personal guidance 

Still doubting for the complete Nomige package? Try our test package!

Try Nomige out for 2 weeks without having to buy the complete package.

Want to test our personalised products before buying the full package? Try our 2-week test package that consists of:

  • DNA kit
  • Skin analysis and 15 page report
  • Day cream & serum for 2 weeks
  • Night cream & serum for 2 weeks

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Follow our story

Connect with us and follow the hashtag #MyNomige to stay up to date of the latest skin tips and news.

Follow the hashtag #Nomige and stay informed about the latest skin tips and news.
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