Jun. 30, 2020

Evening routine


Proper and mild skin cleansing is a critical step to maintain healthy looking and radiant skin. It is even one of the most important steps of your entire skincare routine! Why is it so important? Well, during the day your skin is exposed to external stressors, such as pollution , dirt, radiation … All these external factors lead to skin damage and ageing. The simple 2-step cleansing routine of Nomige before going to bed is an excellent and efficient way to mitigate the external factors associated with skin aging just before going to bed.

Moreover, proper face cleansing is also important to remove make-up and skin debris, which could otherwise clog pores and lead to impurities.

Key tip: be gentle with your skin and only use mild products. Avoid products such as mechanical scrubs, alcoholic products, foamy cleanser… These formulations may have a nice effect on the short term but they can damage your skin barrier and cause irritated and dehydrated skin on the long term.

Nomiges' evening cleansing routine

Nomige's cleansing routine is an easy 2-step routine involving both gentle cleansing and exfoliation of the skin.

Nomige 2-in-1 cleanser

This product both cleanses the skin and removes make-up . The formula has an oil/milky composition and does not foam, which ensures that the skin is cleansed in a very mild and gentle way . Because of this, the natural skin barrier is not damaged and it is also suitable for sensitive skin types.

usage? Apply the cleanser directly to a wet skin or with a wet cotton pad. Massage it into the skin using gentle and soft movements.

Key tip: If necessary, remove mascara with micellar water first. Then use the 2-in-1 Cleanser on your entire face. This will remove the remaining dirt on your face.

2-in-1 cleanser


Exfoliating tonic


Nome exfoliating tonic

This water-based formula contains ' galactoarabinan' , which acts as an enzymatic peeling . In enzymatic peels enzymes break down connections between dead and new skin cells. This action 'loosens' and 'removes' dead skin cells (=exfoliation), resulting in a fresh and healthy glow of skin. In contrast to acid peels, enzymatic peels only acts on dead skin cells. This makes an enzymatic peeling milder and less harmful. Because of this mild effect an enzymatic peeling is also suitable for people with sensitive skin.

usage? You can apply it in the palm of your hand and then dab into the skin. Alternatively, you can also use a cotton pad, preferably saturated with water upfront. This way the tonic is released on the skin instead of being absorbed by the cotton pad.


Did you know that your skin is much more permeable during the night than during the day? Well, this means a better absorption of active ingredients during the night! Sounds good, doesn't it? Therefore, it is good to use a cream with active ingredients - for example working on firmness of the skin – in the evening.

On the other hand, a higher permeability of the skin also means that the skin loses more moisture at night. Therefore, it is essential to add hydrating ingredients to your evening routine.

Nomige's night cream & night serum

Nomige's skincare routine also consists of two simple steps , which both act on the firmness of the skin and support hydration . With these products, your skin will look radiant and rejuvenated in the morning. Even with little sleep!

night cream


Nome Night Cream

This tailor-made night cream is based on your DNA and contains peptides which act on the firmness of your skin. These active peptides penetrate through the skin and stimulate the production of collagen and slow down its degradation. Collagen is the protein present in the middle skin layer (dermis) of the skin and is responsible for the firmness and cohesion of the skin. The use of peptides result in a better firmness and tighter skin and act on the formation of wrinkles.

Would you like to read more about peptides and their action? You can find out more about it on 'Peptides in skincare' .

usage? The peptides are consciously applied in the evening so that they can work optimally without the interference of UV light or other external factors diminishing their activity. The peptides must penetrate deep into the skin for optimal effect. Therefore we recommend applying Nomige night cream before its night serum.

Nome Night Serum

Similar to the night cream, this night serum is based on your genetic profile . A DNA test is used to determine whether there are any mutations in your Filaggrin and Aquaporin gene . These genes play an important role in the hydration of your skin. Based on these results, hydrating ingredients are added to your night serum. Nomige night serum contains active ingredients such as phospholipids, ceramides, cholesterol, urea, glycerin… These are all naturally occurring molecules in the skin. Ingredients such as phospholipids, cholesterol and ceramides are important building blocks of the skin barrier. When the skin barrier is firm and well built, less moisture can escape and the skin remains better hydrated. Ingredients such as urea and glycerin are naturally present as the “ natural moisturizing factor ”, shortly said the natural water retention mechanism of the skin. These molecules keep the skin moist and pliable by attracting and holding water in the skin cells.

usage? Apply your night serum 2-5 minutes after your night cream.

night serum



And now time to rest and relax! While you are sleeping , your body and mind recharge and your skin renews. At night, our body produces 'growth hormone', an important hormone for the repair and growth of skin cells. Around 70% of this hormone is produced during the sleep phase. So enough sleep is certainly important for your skin!

Get into bed early tonight, after your skincare evening routine of course! Your skin will be grateful!

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