May. 02, 2020

Testimonial by Sophie Top

We'd like you to meet Sophie Top. In addition to being an interior designer and concept designer she is the general manager at Parkoffice , the oldest business center in Ghent. We met her at one of our sessions through a mutual friend and she became an instant fan of Nomige. And she still is...

Meet Sophie, a loyal Nomige enthusiast since one year


  • Enthusiastic, motivated and enterprising woman
  • Mother of 2 daughters and one son
  • Happily married
  • Lives in Bavegem

What does Nomige have to offer in terms of added value?


Ever since puberty I've struggled with a skin disorder called seborrhoea. I had lots of red spots and itching that I kept under control with visits to the dermatologist and cortisone products for my skin.

When I was introduced to Nomige I was highly skeptical but the idea that the products are DNA-based intrigued me. Under the motto 'it can't hurt to try' I gave in to the urge to buy a package . And I haven't regretted it for a single second :-)

I've found that I use less makeup and that my natural blush has been taken over.


As I started using my personalized products it became clear that my skin had to detox from being overtreated with cortisone all those years.

With the bespoke phase-out schedule for the cortisone and the Nomige build-up schedule Barbara gave me and thanks to a healthy dose of perseverance my skin finally adjusted .

I've been using Nomige for a year now and I'm so happy with the results . It goes on smoothly so your daily skin care routine doesn't require a lot of product. My skin quickly absorbs my personalized products and doesn't feel greasy to the touch anymore. What I've also noticed is that my skin is no longer taut when I get out of the shower. Barbara taught me this means your skin is being properly nourished from the inside .

It's also a bonus that it looks good in the bathroom. In short, I'm a big fan and I can recommend it to anyone .


Thank you so much Sophie for your confidence in Nomige and your wonderful testimonial <3

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Follow our story

Connect with us and follow the hashtag #MyNomige to stay up to date of the latest skin tips and news.

Follow the hashtag #Nomige and stay informed about the latest skin tips and news.
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