May. 02, 2020

Barbara De Beir's Nomige experience

We would like to introduce you to Barbara De Beir. We can call her Nomige lover of the 1st hour. Meet this super fine and driven entrepreneur from Ghent. She runs Ampla House , an 'urban collaborative workspace'.

Meet Barbara, Nomige lover from the very beginning


  • 36 years old and born in Knokke
  • General manager of Ampla House : the new co-working hotspot in Ghent
  • Lives with her husband Stefaan and sons Julius (3) and Ben (5) in Sint-Martens-Latem
  • Beauty lover, loves the natural look
  • Nomige lover from the very beginning, has been lubricating Nomige since November 2017


"In October 2017 I saw the launch of Nomige on Facebook and I was immediately a fan. The idea appealed to me so much, I knew: 'I need this'. Skin care tailored to my needs, a Belgian label, invented by a woman, scientist from Ghent, really fantastic. I immediately surfed to the site and registered for a Nomige Session at my home. Discovering Nomige together with friends and hearing and seeing the story and vision in person, that appealed to me.

Barbara Geusens, founder of Nomige, contacted me immediately after my online registration. Very personal and sympathetic, completely what Nomige stands for. Together we looked for a date to schedule the Nomige session and Barbara personally invited everyone. She also sent me a DNA kit so that I could get started at home. A little later I received my DNA analysis by email. And by the time the session took place, my products were ready. I then received them personally at the session, in the presence of my girlfriends.

In the meantime, a few friends have also started using Nomige, and everyone is very satisfied. Thanks to the extensive explanation, the personal insights and the good products."



"Nomige works very personal and tailor-made, I don't think other beauty labels offer this. In the past I always received different advice regarding my skin care. At Nomige there is only one and very clear advice, your DNA tells you together with your lifestyle which ingredients your care needs. I finally found peace in that search for the perfect facial care product. So very happy, thank you Nomige (laughs)."


"Looking at my mom, I knew. There will come a day when the wrinkles will simply be there. And as it turned out, my DNA does not lie. There is nothing wrong with that, but I would like to have the wrinkles in a natural way way longer. You can really tackle your skin aging by living healthier and looking at what you need, taking your DNA into account. So I'm just in that phase, where I notice that I better lubricate well with the right ingredients. I also suffer from rosacea a bit and the wrinkles are already showing through here and there... So Nomige comes at the right time (laughs) ."


"I don't have a difficult skin, so I don't suffer from pimples, but I do have a reactive skin . Occasional couperose flare-ups and I burn easily because of my light skin. So daily care and protection is simply essential for me. Thanks Sometimes I better understand the importance of each product, which makes me more aware of taking care of my skin."



"For me, Nomige is an easy routine thanks to the clear 4 products; 2 in the morning (day serum and day cream) and 2 in the evening (night cream and night serum). Very quick and easy to use. It doesn't matter what time I get up or go sleep, I use them very consistently. I also use the cleaning products ( 2-in-1 cleanser and exfoliating tonic ) before going to sleep, while I sometimes dared to skip this in the past."

I regularly receive compliments that my skin looks so good… While my makeup is unchanged, only Nomige is new. So that's proof that it's good for me.


"Nomige is a relief and ensures that I give myself the right care with the right basic skin care every day. It is very clear to me why I use what and which ingredients I need in which Nomige product. I got those insights thanks to my DNA report. The advice and the personal approach make it unique and it is also beautifully packaged. The whole of it all is why I would recommend Nomige. An end to the eternal search for the right product: finally! (laughs) "

Thank you Barbara for sharing your experiences in such a nice testimonial about Nomige.

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