Jun. 18, 2020

What is a good tonic for your face?

Once you've found the right skincare products, a tough search for good (mild) cleansing products follows.We would be happy to guide you through this and who knows, those good cleansing products will be in your bathroom sooner than you expected.

Good cleansing products for the skin

In the blog ' What's a good facial cleanser ?' you'll find your ideal cleanser, so now let's delve into the world of tonics. Or is it a toner?


There is sometimes some confusion about 'tonic' and 'toner' . Both terms are used interchangeably and both describe an aqueous liquid whose purpose is to further cleanse the skin, remove any dead skin cells, and soothe and prepare your skin for the cream you apply afterwards. A good tonic ensures that other active ingredients can be better absorbed. So just to be clear: only the name differs, a tonic or toner usually have the same purpose.

And then there is micellar water , an aqueous liquid with small cleaning particles (micelles) . Micelles have a complex structure. They have a hydrophilic (water attracting) head and hydrophobic (water repellent) tail, which gives it a cleansing effect. And this is exactly the big difference with a tonic.




Before you start with your night products, you will have to cleanse your skin thoroughly. Starting with a cleanser , which will remove all dirt and makeup. Thereafter, the tonic that deals with the remaining dirt. In addition, the exfoliating effect of the tonic (in this case the Nomige tonic) ensures a fresh and radiant look of your skin. And if that's not enough: it guarantees better effectiveness of your night products.

Note: not every tonic is the same.Some contain alcohol and are therefore dehydrating and irritating. Ideally, tonics are soothing for your skin and have an exfoliating (peeling) effect. Nomige's exfoliating tonic is an enzymatic peeling , which keeps the skin barrier intact, unlike an exfoliating scrub.

All the advantages of a good tonic in a row:

  • Removes the last makeup residues
  • Removes dead skin cells for an even and fresh look
  • Increases the effectiveness of active ingredients
  • Soothes, protects and moisturizes the skin

Exfoliating tonic


A refreshing solution of exfoliating ingredients. Removes dead skin cells Mild peeling (with galactoarabinan). Gives your skin a fresh look! For all skin types


2-in-1 cleanser


A milky cleansing lotion that is very mild to the skin. Thoroughly cleanses and does not dry out the skin. Make-up remover & cleanser in 1. For all skin types


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Connect with us and follow the hashtag #MyNomige to stay up to date of the latest skin tips and news.

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