May. 02, 2020

Face cleansing: why, how and when

Do you cleanse your skin on a daily basis or do you sometimes forget it at the end of a busy day or after an evening out? Cleansing your skin is one of the key steps towards a healthy and beautiful skin. Unfortunately this is often underestimated! That is why I've taken the time in this blog to explain why it is so important and how best to cleanse your skin.

What is the importance of daily cleansing?

During the day your skin comes into contact with pollutants, UV radiation , impurities... All these factors may cause damage and deposit a dirty layer on your skin by the end of the day. Help your skin offset the damage of that day by cleansing thoroughly in the evening.

"A healthy skin is always in!"

Moreover, thorough cleansing also improves the absorption of the active substances in your cream or serum . This is because the active substances in a cream or serum cannot penetrate the 'dirty layer' on your skin. Without thorough cleansing, proper skin care or skin improvement is impossible resulting in an impure, congested skin, also known as clogged pores.

How best to cleanse my face?

There is a multitude of products on the market today but which type of product is best for a good face cleansing? Our most important tip: be gentle with your skin . Your skin is an organ that can do a lot by itself. It is the largest organ in our body and it protects us against damage by external factors. It is important to support and not disrupt the functions of your skin.

Use a mild two-step program to cleanse your skin in the evening.


Start with a mild oil-based or milky cleanser that doesn't foam. Dirt and make-up only dissolve in oil (not water - just try removing your mascara with water) and that is why this is the first step in a good cleansing.

2-in-1 cleanser



Now use a water-based cleanser to remove what is left of the cleanser as well as dead skin cells, preferably with an enzymatic and non-grainy exfoliator.

Do I cleanse my skin in the same way in the morning and in the evening?

Cleanse your face in the evening and in the morning simply splash your face with water. It's a misconception that your skin is dirty again by morning, especially if you've cleansed in the evening. In principle, using a good cleanser that also removes the dirt from your pores guarantees that your skin won't be dirty when you wake up. If something does 'come off your face' - eg if your cotton pad is stained brown - this is simply caused by the oxidation of certain ingredients in your night cream and probably also of your own skin lipids. Oxidation is the same process that turns an apple brown when it is exposed to oxygen so this isn't dirt at all.

Excessive cleansing is a bad idea : this breaks down the protection layer (that forms at night) and it also interferes with your skin microbiome (the good bacteria that live on your skin). In other words: cleanse just once a day (in the evening).


Some more face cleansing tips

  • Be careful with aggressive peels and grainy scrubs . They damage the skin barrier and may cause dry skin, redness or inflammation. If you're considering deep peeling you should always consult a skin expert.
  • Wash your hands prior to cleansing your face. You don't want to transfer any bacteria from your hands to your face.
  • Cleansing your face in the evening is crucial . Always cleanse your face, even if you didn't use any make-up.
  • Dab your face dry instead of wiping. Dabbing is much more skin-friendly and softer on the skin.
  • If you use a toner then choose one that is alcohol-free , especially if you have dry skin. Alcohol removes the natural fats that are produced by the skin. This damages your skin barrier and that's not okay! Use a mild water-based cleanser instead.

Some cleansing products

2-in-1 cleanser


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Follow the hashtag #Nomige and stay informed about the latest skin tips and news.
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